Anthony Ortega
Associate Professor
Department of Fine and Performing Arts

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Course Listings:

Intro to Drawing

Introduction to Painting

Advanced Painting

Painting Studio

Drawing Studio

Life Drawing


Design Foundation

New Mexico Santo Tradition

Art and Culture

Senior Thesis

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching is based in classroom learning and application to the art world.  I believe that the process of making art is more important than the products created in the classroom. I teach my students the formal skills of drawing, printing and painting, which includes design elements, color theory, design principles and the use of materials. I also introduce ideas on concepts and subjects. I teach my students that art is a visual tool for the communication of ideas. Art should reflect our time as demonstrated by new technology, application of materials and current events. I teach my students to be visual communicators. I perceive individual student differences and abilities in my class and teach to maximize their abilities to the fullest.

I keep current in the field in order to give my students appropriate examples of the work of other artists. I use art demonstrations as a vehicle to explain the material. This gives students an understanding of what I expect them to learn. Once students begin work on an assignment, I give individual and group critiques and discuss ideas that will help them with any problems they might have.

It is important for me to share with my students what I have learned about art practices locally, nationally, and internationally. I see myself as a community artist in my artwork and the role I play in my community. I present this philosophy in my teaching. As a professional artist, I have visited many areas in the United States, Mexico, Europe and Central America. This experience has given me a unique insight, which is reflected in my artwork. I share my ideas, experience and insight with students who are eager to learn about the world of art.