Anthony Ortega
Associate Professor
Department of Fine and Performing Arts
Regis University
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Intro to Drawing

Introduction to Painting

Advanced Painting

Painting Studio

Drawing Studio

Life Drawing


Design Foundation

New Mexico Santo Tradition

Art and Culture

Design Foundation FAA 330



Assignments, critiques and portfolios

August 28

Introduction syllabus presented

August 30, September 4, 6 and 11

Asssignment 1 Paper Mache masks                      Paper mache power point PDF


September 13

critique assignment 1

September  18, 20, 25 and 27


Assignment 2, Animalitos/Alebrijes with opaque color, direction and invented texture     

   Animailitos power point PDF

October 2

critique assignment 2

October 4

first portfolio due with sketch book, first and second assignments

October 9, 11, 18 and 23

Assignment 3, Alternative mark making with laser toner transfer on to a scraped acrylic background

October  15 - 16

Fall break

October 25

critique assignment 3

October 30, November 1, 6, and 8


Assignment 4, Contemporary Super Hero, Popular Icon Retablo with water media and natural pigments         

Contemporary Retablos power point PDF

November 13

critique assignment 4

November 15

second portfolio due, sketch book, third and forth assignments

November  20, 27, 29 and December 4


Assignment 5 Popular Music, pastel on black paper   

Popular Music Power point PDF

December 6

Last day of class, assignment 5, sketch book and final paper due

December 13, 10:10 A.M. final exam (critique)

Attendance is mandatory! Missed final will result in lowing final grade a full step!