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New Mexico Santo Tradition

Art and Culture

Diversity and Cultural Tradition: New Mexico Santo Tradition, RCC 400D
Themes in Art History: New Mexico Santos Tradition, FAHS 408J
The Arts in Catholic Tradition: New Mexico Santo Tradition, CAS 410

Monday and Wednesday 9:00 to 10:15 AM

Required Materials (available at the campus bookstore)

“Santos and Saints, The Religious Folk Art of Hispanic New Mexico” by Thomas J. Steele, S.J.

Or an electronic copy at:


Books on Reserve at Dayton Memorial Library:

  • “Tradiciones Nuevomeicanas, Hispano Arts and Culture of New Mexico” by Mary Montano
  • “The Regis Santos, Thirty Years of Collecting 1966-1996”, by Thomas J. Steele, S.J., Barbe Awalt & Paul Rhetts
  • “New Kingdom of the Saints, Religious Art of New Mexico 1780 -1907”, Larry Frank, Red Crane Books
  • “Transforming Images: New Mexican Santos In-between Worlds”, Claire Farago and Donna Pierce

Chapters/readings from the above books can also be found on the following link,

Regis Santo collection can be found with images of retables and bultos on the following link,



Lecture, power point, small  group presentation,  presenter or studio project

Readings and links

August 27


 First day presentation PDF

August 29

What is a Santo? What is a retablo/bulto?

New Mexico History in a Nut shell

Read, Chapter 1, Conquistadors y Pobladores: Historical Over view in “Tradiciones Nuevomexicanas/ Hispano Arts and Culture of New Mexico” in library reserve 


September 3

Labor day no class


September 5

 DVD on “Devoted to the Saints”

25 minute video, Link

Read Chapter 2, Artes del Espiritu: Religious Arts in “Tradiciones Nuevomexicanas/ Hispano Arts and Culture of New Mexico” in library reserve

Lecture 2 PDF

September 10

Visit Regis Santo collection at the Dayton Memorial Library and presentation by Tom Riedel, Curator of the Regis Santo Collection, we will meet in room 310 in the library.

Read at Library reserve “The Regis Santos, Thirty Years of Collecting 1966 -1996”


September 12

Holy Art, Holy Artist”

 Refection papers due on DVD "Devoted to the Saints" and  Tom Riedel, Regis Santo collection

Small group project- Charlie Carrillo

Read Chapter 1 in “Santos and Saints”


September 17

Cuentos by Lupe la Loca by Geraldine Lawson, Southwest story teller

Geraldine Lawson PDF

September 19

“Santo Space : Pre-Renaissance and Post-Renaissance”

 Reflection paper due on Lupe la Loca

Small group project- Jose Dolores Lopez (Unpainted santos)

Read Chapter 2 in “Santos and Saints”

September 24

The Holy Persons God, Virgin, Angels, Saints


Small group project- Gloria Lopez Cordova

Read Chapter 3 in “Santos and Saints”

September 26

Diego Martin, el vaquer, presentation by Angel Vigil

 TED X front range talk

October 1

“Bless Me Ultima”, DVD

 Reflection paper due on Angel Vigil

 Small group project-Marie Romero Cash 

October 3

"Bless Me Ultima, DVD" continue


October 8

“Old Saints in a New Land”

 Reflection paper due on “Bless Me Ultima”

 Land grants, Sangre de Cristo Land Grant, Community rights and access to the land 

Read Chapter 4 in “Santos and Saints”


October 10

“The Mirrors of the Holy Persons”



Read Chapter 5 in “Santos and Saints”


October 11

“Home: Contemporary Indiginous Artists, Respond” Dayton Memorial Library 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Melanie Yazzie artist/curator talk

Talk to the curator and have some refreshments

“Home: Contemporary Indiginous Artists, Respond". write up, PDF

October 15, Thursday

No class mid-semester break

October 17

Saints and Prayer” 

Refliction paper due on Melanie Yazzie

Small group project- Hermanos Penitentes

Small group project presentation Patrocino Barela

Read Chapter 6 in “Santos and Saints”


October 22

Exam 1


October 24

Lorenzo Trujillo
recital hall

Bailes del Sur de Colorado and el Norte de Nuevo Mexico

Recital Hall

 Read Chapter 6, Bailes y Fandangos Social Dance in “Tradiciones Nuevomexicanas/ Hispano Arts and Culture of New Mexico” in library reserve 

October 29

The Milagro Bean Field War


Reflection paper due on Lorenzo Trujillo, Bailes del Sur de Colorado

October 29, Monday evening

Lorenzo Trujillo lecture and performance

Pre concert lecture at 6:30 PM

Performance at 7:30 PM

Recital Hall

Link for tickets:


Read Chapter 5, La Musica de la Gente:Secular and Religious Music in “Tradiciones Nuevomexicanas/ Hispano Arts and Culture of New Mexico” in library reserve

October 31

The Milagro Bean Field War


Reflection paper due on Lorenzo Trujillo Concert



November 1, Thursday evening

Opening for Regis Santo

O'Sullivan Gallery

4:30 to 7:00 PM

Meet the artists/Santeros/Santeras, see their artwork: bultos, retablos and hide paintings

Enjoy the food , artwork and disscussion!

November 5

Jose Raul Esquibel, Santero, presentation

Reflection paper due on The Milagro Bean Field War, DVD


You Tube interview

November 7

20th Century Revival, by Tom Riedel, Curator of the Regis Santo Collection

Reflection paper due on Jose Esquibel

Read Chapter 12 in “Transforming Images: New Mexican Santos In-between Worlds” at reserve library


November 8, Thursday Eveing

Teresa May Duran, santera presentation, O’Sullivan Art Gallery,                  

7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

You Tube interview link

November 12

Juan Espinosa

Journalist and photographer

Reflection paper due on, Tom Riedel and Teresa May Duran


November 14

Sean Trujillo, santero presentation

Dayton Memoiral Library, Fire Place Gallery

Reflection paper due on Juan Espinosa

November 19


Studio time creating a retablo main hall 101

Reflection paper on Sean Trujillo due


November 21

No class Thanksgiving break


November 26

Studio Day main hall room 101


November 28

Studio day main hall room 10


December 3,

Studio Day Main hall room 101


December 5

Retablo presentations


December 8,


Santos Market

10 AM to 4 PM
O'Sullivan Galler
December 10 Final exam @ 8:00 AM