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    Please turn off your smart/cell phone during class time

    No text messaging allowed during class tim

    Participating Faculty:     

    William Sutton,                           

    Goals and Objectives: This is the capstone course for Regis College Visual Arts Majors.  The objectives of the course are: to provide a forum for preparation of the senior thesis exhibition; to present artwork in progress to a group of college peers; to develop strategies for articulating individual artistic purpose; to develop skills in communicating about one’s creative work including writing; to gain exposure and insight regarding launching a professional artistic career; to develop skills of documenting, marketing, and publicly presenting one’s body of work. 

    Your main goal in this course is to create a Senior Thesis exhibition that demonstrates a cohesive and developed body of artwork with evidence of strong individual vision and expression.  You should create more art than you will show in the exhibition so that you can develop your artwork and chose from amongst your best pieces for the exhibition. 

     In order to attain these goals, you will need to develop a personal commitment and dedication to your artwork, and transform your approach from one of a student responding to classroom assignments to one of an artist engaged in a lifelong process of exploring and knowing the world through the creative process. 

     Class Structure: This is a seminar course professor Willy Sutton and myself will guide students in the task of preparation for exhibition.  The work of the semester will culminate in a thesis exhibition in the O’Sullivan Arts Center.  During the semester, the seminar will meet to examine the artworks (completed and work-in-progress) of each student.  Students will guide each other in a critical assessment of the portfolios they are proposing for their exhibition.  Additionally, participants will develop an artist’s statements and gain skills in preparing documentation of their work. Students will attend presentations, by visiting artists, scholars, and others engaged in the arts.

     Assignments:This is an experience-based course in which assignments and grading depend heavily on attendance and participation.  Students will have the following assignments:

    • You are expected to be actively engaged in the creation of new artwork for presentation to the seminar during critiques sessions.
    • Attendance and participation in all critiques
    • Art Career report
    • Non-profit paper and presentation
    • Development of an artist statement
    • Participation in the planning, hanging, marketing, celebration, and critical discussion of the Senior Thesis Exhibition
    • Documentation of portfolio for professional presentation through the creation of an artist web page
    • Each student is required to give a gallery talk during final exam session.
    • Students are required to attend exhibitions and artist lectures in the Regis University O’Sullivan Gallery
    • Participation in off campus field trips and discussions.
    • Reflections of field trips and artist talks

    Exhibition schedule spring 2017 at the O’Sullivan Gallery:

    Linda Lowry

    “Acropolis Series”


    January 17 – February 17

    Opening reception: Thursday, January 26, 4:30-7 pm

    Gallery talk: Thursday, February 2, 7 pm

    Sandra Fernandez

    (prints, installation)

    March 14 – April 13

    Opening reception: Thursday, March 23, 4:30-7 pm

    Gallery talk: Thursday, March 23, 7 pm

    Senior Thesis Exhibition

    April 18 – May 5

    Opening reception: Thursday, April 20, 4:30-7 pm


    Attendance and Participation


    20 points

    8 Reflection Papers

    10 points each  paper

    80 points

    3 Portfolio Presentations/Critiques

    10 points each presentation/critique

    30 points

    Non-profit paper and presentation

    10 points

    10 points

    Artist’s statement               

    2 drafts, 1 catalog and 1exhibititon; 15 points each

    60 points

    Art Careers report

    20 points

    20 points

    Art Documentation (web site)

    20 points

    20 points

    Final Gallery talk

    20 points

    20 points

    Total points


    260 points

    Grades for late assignments are reduced by 10% and another 10% for every additional week that the assignment is late. Acts of plagiarism will result in a failing grade for the course.

    ePortfolio Contents

    Student’s ePortfolios will be a structured website constructed from or other site building application.  The ePortfolio will contain documentation of student progress on the visual arts SLOs including:

    1. Presentation of student’s main creative artworks
    2. Documentation of student work in three media
    3. Student academic writing (artist statements)
    4. Student reflections on critiques, exhibitions and artist presentations.

    Reflection paper: The main purpose of the reflection paper is to enhance your experience with an artist/presenter and the exhibition. You will be able to drop your lowest reflection paper grade.



























    In this class you will have the opportunity visit with and experience the following:

    • Five artists
    • Field trip to the Arvada Center

    • Field trip to the Redline Art Center

    • Field trip to Processus

    • Field trip to Art Gym

  •  In order to write these essays, you must attend the artist talks, exhibitions and field trips. Reflection papers should be typewritten and 2-3 pages in length and doble spaced. Connect the readings/links with the presentation and cite at least one source.  You are also required to ask a logical concrete question to the artist/presenter during their talk. Use your question and their answer in your paper. Please underline your question and their answer in your paper.

     Comment upon both the presentation and how it relates to the objectives and goals of the Senior Thesis class. Your response paper should focus on content and not on the style of which the presentation is given. Seven short essays will be assigned and they will be due at the beginning of the following class period. IF CIRCUMSTANCES PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING THEM IN AT THAT TIME, YOU ARE GIVEN A GRACE PERIOD OF ONE WEEK BUT YOU ARE DOCKED ONE LETTER GRADE

     Regis Writing Center

    The Writing Center is a free resource for Regis College undergraduates.  All writers, no matter how proficient, benefit from working with a writing consultant.  These peer consultants will help you at any point in your writing process, from brainstorming for ideas to organizing a draft to polishing the final version.  You get immediate and personal feedback about your writing as well as answers to your questions.  The Writing center is very popular service, so appointments are recommended.  Drop by the Writing Center in Loyola 1 or call (303) 458-4039 for more information.

    Course Withdraw Policy: Students are expected to know and observe the published deadlines for (a) dropping the course and (b) Withdrawing from the course. These deadlines are published on the University’s Academic Calendar, which is available in the Bulletin, the course schedule, and is in the Dean’s Office? Please observe the following Dates: Last Day to Drop the Course: January 24, 2017; last Day to withdraw from the Course (No refund): April 9, 2017. THESES DEADLINES ARE NOT FLEXIBLE.

    Academic Integrity: Acts of plagiarism will result in a failing grade for this course. Consistent with the College’s Academic Integrity Policy, I will report all violation of this course’s academic integrity policy to the Dean’s office. Students who have committed multiple instances of academic dishonesty can be subject to institutional penalties like probation, suspension, or expulsion, in addition to the penalties for this course. The Academic Integrity policy is described in the Bulletin; detailed information about the policy and the appeals process can be found in the Dean’s office.

    Learning Support:  If you have a documented disability requiring academic adjustments for this class, please contact the Director of Disability Services, Joie Williams, (303-458-4941, who will review your documentation with you and help determine appropriate, reasonable accommodations. Following this meeting, please make an appointment with me, as your instructor, to discuss your accommodation request in light of the course requirements. You may self-disclose and request an academic adjustment any time during the term. However, I strongly recommend that you do so as soon as possible because accommodations are not provided retroactively and adequate lead-time is required.

     Attendance: Two absences, final grade will be lowered one whole grade. Four absences, final grade will be lowered two whole grades. Six absences, final grade will be lowered to an F. Missed reviews, lectures or group critiques may also affect your grade. You are responsible to notify me if you will be absent, late, or need to leave before the class ends. Tardiness will not be tolerated. THERE IS NO EXTRA CREDIT FOR MAKING UP AN ABSENCE.

     Smart/Cell phone policy: phones are to be turned off at all times, any information (photographs/text) stored on phones needed for class should be printed prior to class time. Class participation also means that you are fully present in class, not texting or looking at your cell phone. I expect that cell phones and other electronic devices will be put away and not sitting out in view. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in lowering of grade. I reserve the right to deduct points from your grade for each such instance without notice.

     Course Schedule

     1/19        4:35 PM

     Introductory meeting

    Outline seminar and exhibition.

    Start the Initial discussion of thesis exhibition title announcement design and e-vite and face book/social media

    Begin artist statements: question generation exercise.

    Bring one work of art that best represents your current series of artwork for your upcoming senior thesis exhibit. The piece you select for this presentation should be familiar to your classmates and professor Sutton. We will have a talk among us to start your series of assignments on writing your artist statement. 

     Assignment: Artist Statement Assignment 1. Begin development of your artist statement by writing responses to Artist Statement Assignment 1. Due: January 26.

    6:00 PM

    Car pool to the Arvada Center

    6901 Wadsworth Blvd.

    Opening of “Photographs by James Milmoe” and “Double Exposure an Exhibition Photography and Video

     Please read and review the following links and readings before attending the exhibitions:

     1/26        4:35 PM

     Three months until exhibition opening!!!    Butterflies anyone!

     Short discussion on Opening of “Photographs by James Milmoe” and “Double Exposure an Exhibition Photography and Video”

      Due: Reflection paper on Arvada Center exhibitions and Artist Statement Assignment One.

    Short discussion on artist statement assignment 1

    Due: Development of your artist statement assignment 1

    5:15 -5:45 PM

    Opening Reception in O’Sullivan Art Gallery- Linda Lowry

    6:00 – 7:25 PM Critique/Portfolio presentation 1

    New Art work! All students will participate!

    2/2          4:35 PM

    Update on the thesis exhibition title, announcement design, e-vite and face book/social media.

    Due on March 2

     5:00 PM-6:15 PM

     Guest artist Maeve Eichelberger (Regis Alum 2009)

     Please read and review the following link before class            

    Maeve’s e-mail news letter

    6:15 PM to 7:00 Break

    Linda Lowry Gallery Talk 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

    Please read and review the following link before her talk

    2/9          4:35 PM

    Short discussion on Maeve Eichelberger and Linda Lowry presentations             

    Due: Reflection papers on Maeve Eichelberger and Linda Lowry

    Assignment: Artist Statement Assignment Two.  Continue development of your artist statement by writing responses to Artist Statement Assignment Two.  Due: February 16

    4:45 PM

    Car pool to Art Gym visit

    1460 Leyden Street, Denver

    Please visit and review this web site before our visit

    2/16        4:35 PM

    Short discussion on Art Gym

    Due: Reflection paper on Art Gym

    Short discussion on Artist Statement Assignment Two

    Due: Artist Statement Assignment Two        

    4:45 PM

    Car pool to Guest artist Gretchen Marie Schaefer (Regis Alum 2005)

    TANK Studios is located at 1474 South Acoma Street, Denver.

    The sign by the door say Abacus cabinetry. 

    Please read and review the following links before class

    2/23        4:35 PM

    Short discussion on Gretchen Marie Schaefer’s presentations

    Due: Reflection paper on Gretchen Marie Schaefer        

    Update on the thesis exhibition title, announcement design, e-vite and Facebook/social media.

    Due on March 2

    4:45 PM

    Field trip to Redline Art Center and Processus

    2350 Arapahoe Street and 955 24th St

    Please read and review the following links before class

    Assignment: Investigate and report on an Art related non-profit

    Due April 6

    Assignment: Artist Statement Assignment Three.  Continue development of your artist statement by writing responses to Artist Statement Assignment Two.  Due: March 2

    Assignment: Investigate and report on a Career in Art

    Link to Career in Art report

    Interview a person in an art career.  Write a report and present to seminar. 

    Due: April 13

    3/2          4:35 –4:45 PM

    Short discussion on Redline Art Center and Processus          

    Due: Reflection paper on Redline Art Center and Processus              

    Due: exhibition title, announcement design, e-vite and Facebook/social media

    Please send card information to Robert St. John

    Short discussion on Artist Statement Assignment Statement

    Due: Artist Statement Assignment Three

    4:45 PM

     Professor Sutton will discuss Documenting your work for publication and the production schedule for our exhibition catalog.

    Introduction to Media Center documentation facilities

    Basic Photoshop image adjustments

    Photography session in Media center with Professor Sutton

    Assignment: Produce an artist web page that presents: a home page, at least ten good qualities digital files of your artwork, artist statement page, resume/vita page and contact information page, due: April 27

    Link to Documentation Artist Web page

  • Assignment: Catalog information, images, resume, and artist statement due to Professor Willy Sutton by March 23.

    3/9          Spring Break

    3/16        4:35 -5:45 PM

    One month until exhibition is mounted!!!

    The Profession of Being an Artist by Professor Ortega

    6:00 PM

    Presentation: Matting, framing, and other methods by Professors Sutton, Steward and Ortega

    Consider presentation possibilities for your own work.

    Critique/Portfolio presentation 2

    All students will participate!

    3/23        4:35 PM

    Due: All catalog information (images, resume, and artist statement) please send them electronically to Professor Sutton           

    Three weeks until exhibition is mounted               

    4:45 - 5:30 PM

    Sandra Fernandez opening reception:

    7:00 PM               

    Artist talk in O’Sullivan Art Gallery Sandra Fernandez

    Please read and review the following link before class             

    3/30        4:35 PM           

    Two weeks to mount exhibition

    Short discussion on Sandra Fernandez presentation

    Due: Reflection paper on Sandra Fernandez

    5:00 – 6:30 PM

    Critique/Portfolio presentation 3

    All students will participate!

    4/6          4:35 PM

    Due: Exhibition signage design and exhibition label information turn in to Robert St. John

    Pass out exhibition announcements for address labeling and mailing by April 2

    4:45 – 5:15 PM

    Due: Report and Presentation on non-profit

    5:30 PM – 7:00 PM Visiting artist Katie Vuletich

    Please read and review the following link before class

    Assignment Due: Final draft of Artist Statement due for approval prior to installing in exhibition

    4/13        4:35 PM

    Short discussion on Katie Vuletich

    Due: Reflection paper on Katie Vuletich         

    5:00 – 5:30 PM

    Visit gallery to visualize and discuss layout plan

    5:30 PM

    Assignment Due: Reports on a Career in Art and oral presentation

    6:15 PM

    Initial discussion of reception refreshment and music

    4/15        9:00 AM

    Meet in gallery: Installed artwork 9:00 A.M. - finished

    4/20        Opening Reception for Thesis Exhibition 4:30 – 7:00 PM

    4/27        Due: Art Documentation/Web page oral presentation            

    Alumnus example:         

    5/4          Final Exam Session meets in gallery at 3:30 PM. Attendance is mandatory! Missed final will result in lowing final grade a full step! Artist talk and presentation

    Link to Final Gallery Presentaion

    5/7          Commencement Receptions 12 – 2 pm.

    5/8          Monday- Remove artwork from gallery