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Welcome ...

Welcome to Business Ethics (BA 495e), one of the core requirements of the Business Major at Regis University.

  • Class reading:  where the intersection of ethical theory and business practice are explored. The reading assignments are found behind the link entitled Readings.

  • Business ethics simulation: each member of the class will participate in the Ethics Simulation which is found at www.ethicsgame.com. By participating in this simulation, students will be able to explore the how decisions are actually made in every-day life. The navigation links on the left of this page give you the instructions and guidance for participating in the GG Ethics Game.

  • Conversation:  Because this is an on-line class, conversation will occur on the game website. Students will use both the Break Room and the Water Cooler to carry on their conversations about the topics of the class. Conversations starters as well as instructions for the assignments will be posted on this website. More information about the conversation is located behind the link entitled Conversations.

  • Individual assignments: Over the course of the semester, students will have an opportunity to demonstrate their own skill at ethical decision making. The instructions for those assignment will be found behind the link entitled Assignments.