Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition website. This website was created in order to help you be more familiar with our competition. If you have any questions that are not covered on our site, please feel free to check out the National CCDC website or to contact us directly.



The RMCCDC is a relatively new collegiate competition, this is our fifth year as the 10th region with competitors from Kansas, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, New Mexico and of course Colorado, providing collegiate teams an opportunity to earn the right to test their cybersecurity skills, knowledge and abilities.  You will work as a replacement security operations team at a fictious company that is under attack by an adversary.  The competition provides faculty a measure of the strength of their curriculum, students will find out how they do against long odds and pressure, pressure, pressure... and employers can search for current and future security, network and systems engineers.   The team with the most points wins the right to represent the region at the NCCDC and demonstrate their skills to potential employers.  Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (RMCCDC).


RMCCDC  specifically focuses on the operational aspect of managing and protecting an existing “commercial” network infrastructure. Not only do students get a chance to test their knowledge in an operational environment, they will also demonstrate their profiency defending a typical network while under threat from an unknown adversary, the Red team.  Our sponsors and volunteers are always on the look out for up and coming security peopl. RMCCDC provides a unique opportunity for students and industry professionals to interact and discuss many of the security and operational challenges the students will soon face as they enter the job market.


RMCCDC not only benefits the students involved, but will also benefits corporations as these graduates will be bringing a more experienced skill set to their jobs upon beginning their employment. RMCCDC also provides direct feedback for schools to exercise, reinforce, and examine their security and information technology curriculum. For more information on attending, participating, sponsoring, or volunteering for the 2016 Rocky Mountain Cyber Defense Competition.

Information gathered from the National CCDC site.