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Spider monkey, Costa Rica



 Class Notes

The following links contain my notes for several Regis College Computer Science classes.  The notes are intended for review, potential clarification, and quite possibly euphoric learning experiences.  Goodness knows, however, that these notes are not a text and will be a poor substitute for attending class (where additional material will be discussed).  These are only my lecture notes, and as such, they are subject to changes, errors, typos, and gross misrepresentations.

Artificial Life Cellular Automata and Complexity
Database Design and Analysis Data Structures
Independent Study Internship
Introduction to Programming              Object-Oriented Programming
Software Engineering C Programming


Research and Other News

Research: Ski moguls move uphill! Cellular Automaton Explorer 5.0 (free!)
Research: Dieting won't work! Should I be a computer science major?
Research: Sea-level rise from glaciers More about Dave
Guest/other lectures (climate, etc.) Intimate Botanicals: Gallery Exhibit


Other useful links for my classes.

How to print these online notes.

Wondering if you should be a Computer Science major?

Debating taking my class, but want to know more about Dave?

An extreme skiing and mountain climbing lecture by Dave (addressing the question "How ought I to live?").

Dave's review of Colorado ski resorts.

Dave's Cellular Automaton Explorer, a research and teaching tool.  It's free!



Please contact me directly with any questions, comments, revisions, corrections, rants, or raves.

Contact:  David Bahr at dbahr at regis.edu


Please note:  These notes were developed for classroom use at Regis University.  Anyone is permitted to read and print these notes.  Any other use is prohibited without permission from the faculty member and author, David Bahr.


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