Database Design and Analysis, CS 446

Databases are any construct that store information for extended periods of time, and database management systems (such as Oracle, MS-SQL, etc.) allow convenient and efficient access to the database.  This class will explore appropriate ways to design a database, manage a database (ensuring data integrity when storing and deleting information), and query a database for information.  We will explore various data storage schemes including the relational model and its associated algebra, the object-oriented model, and the increasingly popular XML.  Most business databases use the Structured Query Language (SQL) to access a relational database.  Therefore, we will spend a substantial part of the semester learning SQL and constructing advanced queries.

Homework Assignments

Class Notes Part 1 (Intro)

Class Notes Part 2 (E-R Model)

Class Notes Part 3 (Relational Model)

Class Notes Part 4 (SQL: Create)

Class Notes Part 5 (Insert, etc.)

Class Notes Part 6 (Select intro)

Class Notes Part 7 (Select advanced)

Class Notes Part 8 (Joins)

Class Notes Part 9 (Subqueries, woohoo!)

Class Notes Part 10 (Stored Procs)

Class Notes Part 11 (SQL Transactions and Misc.)