Independent Study in Computer Science, CS 490E

So your looking for something that's not listed as a formal class?  No problem!  If you have a great idea, we can tailor an independent study that matches your interests.  Maybe you'd like more details on the theory of computation.  Or maybe you want to explore the details of a particular CA, or percolation theory, or heavy duty graphics programming, or the nitty-gritty mathematics of data structures.  All of these ideas are possible.


General guidelines:

(1) Meet with me to discuss your idea for an independent study.

(2) Agree on appropriate content and a plan of study.

(3) Agree on a set of requirements, home works, exams, and projects.  Note: I always reserve the right to perform an oral examination at the end of the semester to test your skills, knowledge, etc. 

(4) Fill out the required form, including a learning contract.  The contract briefly outlines the proposed content, plan of study, and requirements (home works, exams, etc.).

(5) We both sign your learning contract and your independent study form.

(6) Register with your independent study form, and you're off!


A warning about my expectations:

I treat an independent study just like all of my other classes.  I expect all home works and assignments to be completed in a timely manner, and I expect weekly progress reports.  Please do not think of an independent study as a "light load".  Instead, think of the independent study as requiring a commitment similar to any other class -- roughly 3 hours of study per week plus time to complete assignments.