Internship in Computer Science, CS 498

Computer science professionals find employment in a extraordinary array of different careers, ranging from fundamental scientific research to biotech gene sequencing to “.com” software development to video game programming.   Here is your opportunity to explore computer science in an environment tailored to your specific interests.  Want to create genetic algorithms for global climate models?  We’ve had students do that at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.  Want to be a medical database manager?  We’ve had students do that with the Colorado Department of Public Health Care.  Maybe you’d rather provide network services for the Broncos; or develop software to explore for undiscovered oil; or get in on the ground floor creating the next big video game?  These are all possibilities through CS internships.

The faculty teach programming, database, and software engineering in the classroom, but every workplace requires a slightly different skill-set.  We’ve taught you the basics, but now you will learn how to expand your skills, be flexible, and quickly adapt to the latest tools and tricks of the trade.  In essence, like all good professionals, you will “learn to learn”.  

And, by the way, you’re going to get a taste of the “real world”.  You will learn to write a resume, practice essential interview skills, and interact with other professional computer scientists.  In fact, if you excel at your internship, you may build a network of professional relationships that can help you land a dream job after college. 

Homework Assignments



General guidelines:

(1) Meet with Dr. Bahr to briefly discuss your plans.

(2) Meet with a staff member at the Office of Academic Internships.

(3) Follow Office of Academic Internships guidelines.

(4) After finding a position per guidelines, confirm your position with Dr. Bahr.

(5) Sign a learning contract, and you're off!