Printing Instructions

For PDFs:

(1) Click the print icon.

(2) To print multiple pages per sheet of paper, click the "Properties" button.  Then select "Pages per sheet" and enter the desired number.


For PowerPoint presentations:

Follow the same instructions as above.  Or, for greater flexibility,

(1) Use a computer that has PowerPoint loaded. 

(2) View the notes with Internet Explorer. 

(3) Click the PowerPoint button in the toolbar of Internet Explorer. 

(4) If asked for a password, click cancel (possibly multiple times). 

(5) This imports the notes into PowerPoint.  From PowerPoint you can print all of the slides at the same time.  You can also print multiple slides per sheet of paper.


Please note:  These notes were developed for classroom use at Regis University.  Anyone is permitted to read and print these notes.  Any other use is prohibited without permission from the faculty member and author, David Bahr.