Title:  Independent Study in German: Classic and Modern German Films: GR 490E/F

Course summary

Students will view each film twice, make a list of vocabulary, and submit a film summary according to the enclosed template.   Moreover, students will find and read articles from secondary literature about the films viewed.  Class discussion will include biographical information about the film directors and authors of books upon which films may be based.

Course objectives are as follows:  (1) Gain an understanding and appreciation of classic and modern German film and (2) Improve listening, reading, speaking and writing skills through the viewing and discussion of the films listed below.

Evaluation will consist of 10-12 film summaries (see template below) and a paper evaluating their favorite film. 

Meetings:  Instructor’s office and TBD.  Students will check-out and view films on  their own.  Instructor will be present when feasible.

Film list—new films are regularly added.  Check the library media room for latest offerings

Film  ( must be in German)  with English subtitles

Director  (date may not match date below—is ok)

Der Besuch der alten Dame—The Visit of the old Lady

Urs Odermatt  1985

Das Leben der Anderen  The lives of others

Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck  2005

Untergang Downfall

Oliver Hirschbiegel  2004


Margareta von Trotta 2003

Die Edukators  The Educators

Hans Weingartner  2005

Goodbye Lenin

Wolfgang Becker  2003

Nirgendwo in Afrika  Nowhere in Afrika

Caroline Link  2005

Lola Rennt  Run, Lola Runs

Tom Twyker  2003

You Only Live Once

Fritz Lang

Jakob der Lügner Jakob the Liar

Frank Beyer  1975

Die Brücke The Bridge

Bernhard Wicki  1959

Deutschland im Herbst Germany in Autumn

Alf Brustellin 1978

Das Wunder von Bern  The miracle of Bern

Sönke Wortman  2003

Der blaue Engel   The Blue Angel

Josef von Sternberg  1931

Mörder unter uns   The Murderers are Among us

Fritz Lang  1931

Angst Essen Seele auf  Fear devours the Soul

Rainer Werner Fassbinder  1974

The Tin Drum  Die Blechtrommel

Volker Schlöndorff  1979

Des Teufels General

Helmut Kaeutner 1955

Sophie Scholl

Marc Rothemund 2005

The Ninth Day

Volker Schlöndorff  2004

Jenseits der Stille

Caroline Link  1996

Das Boot

Wolfgang Peterson  1985

Die Verlorene Ehre von Katarena Blum

Volker Schlöndorff und Margareta von Trotta 1975

Die Fetten Jahre sind vorbei

Hans Weingartner  2004

Papa ante Portas

Vicco von Bülow  1991

Nibelungen, Die

(D, 1924, silent) Director: Fritz Lang

Hauptmann von Köpenick, Der

(D, 1957, The Captain from Koepenick) Director: Sigfried Dessauer

Nibelungen, Die - Der Fluch des Drachen

(D, 2004, Ring of the Nibelungs) Director: Uli Edel.

 Der Krieger und die Kaiserin Princess and the Warrior, The

(D, 1999, Der Krieger und die Kaiserin) Director: Tom Tykwer

Die Dreigroschenoper Threepenny Opera, The

(D, 1931, Die Dreigroschenoper) Director: G.W. Pabst

Triumph des Willen (D, 1934, Triumph of the Will)

Director: Leni Riefenstahl - WEB > Riefenstahl German-Hollywood

Der Himmel über Berlin) Wings of Desire (D, 1987,

Im Juli , im juli(D 2004)

Nordwand, North Face

Das Weisse Band, The White Ribbon(D2009)

Soul Kitchen (D2009)

Young Goethe in Love (D2012)

Die Welle, The Wave (D2008)

Director: Wim Wenders (DVD) - WEB > Wenders German-Hollywood

Director: Fatih Akin

Director: Philipp Stoelzl

Director: Michael Haneke  

Fatih Aiken

Philipp Stoelzl

Christian Becker

Versprechen, Das (D, 1995, The Promise)

Director: Margarethe von Trotta




























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