These are fun to explore.  Start with the first one and see what German departments’ home pages around the world offer.  German departments the world over.  Advanced students: click on at the top of page in this link.  Web site with many links for German--good place to start browsing   Why you should learn German:   A counselors guide/brochure--why study German,,,00.html   Deutsche Welle, German radio  Video and audio podcasts in German   dictionary  another dictionary--good for contemporary expressions   Has many works by German authors online   Grimm's Fairy Tales    Sprichwörter--proverbs  Sprichwörter mit einer englischen Übersetzung  Web edition of Hoffmann's classic children's story incorporates the original illustrations  folk music   Christmas songs and melodies (Weihnachtslieder)  (mehrere Weihnachtslieder)  current German music videos  Youtube has many German songs the German TIME magazine--use print version when bringing articles to class. Click on "drucken."   FOCUS--magazine similar to der Spiegel but with typically briefer articles     newspaper     newspaper  newspaper  newspaper features current cultural and political events in Germany  European Union--news  new German orthography--spelling rules  A German grammar  A German grammar including many self-help exercises  Another German grammar--tips on determining noun gender

German Business Letter 1  German for business

German test  German for business

Wirtschaftsdeutsch (KWW)  German for business  METRO has a good business link page and a link for search engines   METRO link for business German practice activities  German Embassy   German American Chamber of Commence in Denver metro area. Click on "resources" for a list of Denver area German clubs and organizations   for instructional materials  for German books  for study in Germany  for scholarships for study in Germany  web portal for scholarships abroad  for summer study at the University of Salzburg  and  for summer study in Heidelberg   University of Regensburg  Wien, Wien nur Du allein...  internships in Europe  internships abroad  A list of German proficiency tests.  These are recognized worldwide and are keys to further schooling and even jobs abroad.  See me to if you wish to take one of these.  planning a train trip in Europe?  Good for special deals and passes--you pay in dollars   train travel in Europe--you pay in Euros but can use your credit card and print tickets on line  get a detailed of the city or town you will visit   thinking of traveling or living in Germany--helps in an overview    for distance learning--instructional materials for beginning language learners who want to learn via the web.  Click on Fernunterricht    Mark Twain's "The Awful German Language" is a  humorous read about German's grammatical idiosyncrasies.   check out some verses you already know and see if you feel a sense of recognition  Type in a family name and view its distribution on a map of Germany   potpourri



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