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Welcome to the ED205: Adult Learning
Web Site

The Academic Resources Department welcomes you to Regis University and to ED205: Adult Learning. We are here to assist you as you begin your academic studies at Regis. Our mission is to give you the skills and information necessary for you to be successful in your degree program.

This site will be a companion for the ED205: Adult Learning course. Your faculty member will ask you to visit the site throughout the time you are in class. We hope you will book mark it and use it while you are at Regis University.

For your convenience, this site is divided into five main areas:

Resources includes a list of Regis University resources that will be helpful to you while you are completing your degree. In addition, you will discover information regarding advising, and writing.

Theorists will give you an opportunity to learn about Adult Learning Theories. In addition, this section will be helpful to you while you are working on your final project.

Tools will supply you with study skills, time management and other helpful hints which will help make your time at Regis a bit easier and more productive.

Additional Articles will supply you with articles and resources you may need access for course assignments. 

Textbook Resource Website is an additional website containing general resources and chapter summaries for Essential Study Skills.

Some pages in this site are PDF files. Select the logo below for free download.

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