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Edward J Harrold Jr  MBA, BScEE
Affiliate Faculty, MSCIT

Office: 800-840-5946 (Voice & Fax)

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Special Note for Students

Beginning 2008 Students must use their Regisnet email account for all Regis University related correspondence.  I will no longer accept email from accounts other than the built-in course email (preferred during the duration of a given course) or your account, and I will only respond to email sent to in matters related to Regis University.

Required privacy statement for all my courses (MSCS 600, 650, 652, 670, 672, 674, 676, 680, 682, ...)

due in the Introduction Topic by Wednesday of Week-1 :

"I, [Student Name], understand the FERPA Privacy Statement stating 'Students using online formats for study at Regis University do so in a protected environment. However, these learning environments may at times be viewed by faculty (both current and those learning to become online facilitators), Distance Learning staff and other experts who are working with us to maintain the highest quality online courses.'

I have read and will follow the guidelines for this class. In addition, I authorize Ed Harrold to send grades and other information regarding levels of performance for each assignment in this course, and my final course grade, using the course email or my RegisNet email account. I understand that the transmission of these grades will be by unsecured email."

Beginning January 2008 you must have a Regisnet email account [yourid]


Ed Harrold

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