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The Way of the Well
Book Description
ďEverything that has happened to you, every life choice you have made, every road you have traveled has led without deviation to this point, to this moment. I have known who you were for years, even watched you as you grew. When I saw your face in the wine glass at the new moon I knew you were ready and it was time to contact you. The final choice is yours. I offer to guide you to the path of your divine purpose, but only you can take the first step, only you can commit to the journey.Ē

These words from the old woman in the synagogue begin the adventure of Rachel Cohen’s life; a journey that will take her through the ten gateways that guard Miriam’s Well. In the classic tradition of a heroine’s journey she finds friends and mentors, challenges and dangers, family and romance, and her life purpose. A richly written spiritual romance, with real characters and surprising twists.

In this book, we will walk you through the initial lessons we teach in Pirate School: the theory and rationale of pirating; first steps (Pirating 101), including getting to know yourself, your queen (or king), your crew, your ship, the waters in which you choose to sail; how to develop and manage a crew; sailing your ship; navigating political waters; maintaining safe port; and finding and enjoying your treasure.

We open our personal treasure chests of piratical principles, strategies, and tools to help you navigate your own capricious winds of political and organizational change.

About the Author
Dr. Cindy Miles is the President of the Hialeah Campus of Miami Dade College in the pirate world of Miami Florida. She has leadership experience in and out of higher education, loves queenly dress, and has been known to mysteriously manifest treasure troves. Cindy regularly teaches pirate arts to her students, faculty, and staff.

Dr. Elisa Robyn has pirated her way through life as a geologist, a therapist, a Dean of Arts and Sciences, and is currently a graduate faculty at Regis University. More interested in freedom than the role of queen, Elisa learned to sail and talk pirate at a young age on the California coast. She now pirates from her kayak in Colorado waters. Pirate Wisdom: Lessons in navigating the high seas of your organization: Books: Elisa S Robyn,Cindy L Miles



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