Undergraduate Faculty Assessment


Essay Question:


Our faculty play a critical role in building the bridge between academic concepts and theory and real world practice.  Undergraduate curriculum is designed to help students directly apply their learning to their personal and professional lives, through discussion, reflection and implementation of the CORE values of this institution.  Please submit your responses to the following questions to Gerry Hodne at ghodne@regis.edu by the Thursday before the start of your online assessment.  


This is a key component of our assessment process.  Faculty must demonstrate their understanding of the Core Philosophy as well as their understanding of Adult Learning.  Please review the Undergraduate Core Philosophy Statement, and submit two written responses, one for each of the following questions (approximately 1-2 pages per response):


·        As a facilitator of adult learners, how would you incorporate the Jesuit Values in your teaching strategies in an online learning environment (Incorporate the Values as outlined in the Core Statement)?