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On-Line Facilitator Discussion Feedback: January 29, 2003

Below you will find links to the feedback provided by our online faculty based on the questions outlined below.   If, after you review this information, you would like to provide additional feedback, please email

Question One
What do you feel Regis should require from our online facilitators?

Question Two
Should weekly student interaction in the forum be required? If so, should they be built into week by week activities? If not, how do you, as a facilitator build a learning community with limited required participation.

Question Three
What student issues do you confront or encounter that have posed problems for you? What assistance should Regis provide to aid in resolving these issues?

Question Four
What best practices have you employed in the online environment that have worked well for you?

Question Five
What are some techniques you tried that were not successful?

Question Six
What strategies or activities do you use to create an interactive learning environment online?

Question Seven
How much time should be involved in the internship/mentorship processes for online faculty?

Question Eight
How do you feel Regis should monitor the activities, performance and participation of facilitators in the online environment?

Question Nine
As a facilitator of online learning, how are you monitoring the participation and performance of your students?

Question Ten
What additional training or resources would you like to see offered as a facilitator of online learning?