HH425/624 Quality Improvement in HC Settings

Health Services Administration & Management

M.S. in Health Services Administration


Barbara Davis and Danielle Khodor
Email:  bhdavis@regis.edu


 Required Text:

Healthcare Quality Book. 2nd Edition. Ransom, Elizabeth, Joshi, Maulik, Nash, David, Ransom, Scott. Health Administration Press. Chicago: 2008. ISBN#1-56793-3013-7.

Memory Jogger II: A Pocket Guide of Tools for Continuous Improvement and Effective Planning. Bassard, M. and Ritter, D., 2nd ed., 2010, GOAL/QPC: Salem, NH 1994. ISBN 9781576811139.

Students are required to have a Web cam (we suggest Quick Cam© Communicate STX or compatible) and a headset.

RegisNet email account (to be checked at least once each week from the time of admission through graduation from the University). This is different than course email.