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Jesús G. Borrego, Ph.D.

CPS Lead Faculty, School of Computer & Information Sciences


Graduate Degrees:
Ph.D., Applied Management and Decision Sciences with emphasis in Information Systems Management, Walden University, Minneapolis, MN
M.S. Computer Science, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA

Undergraduate Degrees:
B.S. Electrical Engineering, Cal. State University, Fullerton, CA
B.S. Computer Science, Cal. State University, Dominguez Hills, CA

I have over 20 years of experience in software development in telecommunications, networks, satellite communications, graphical user interfaces and database applications.  I have been teaching at Regis University Undergraduate and Graduate programs since 1995. 

I teach the following undergraduate courses:

  • Computer Science: CS 208, Computer Science Fundamentals; CS 320, C Programming; CS 361, Control Structures; CS 362, Data Structures; CS 372, Advanced Programming and Algorithms; CS 430, Operating Systems; CS432, Modern Software Engineering; CS 433, Computer Security; CS 434, Java Programming; CS 437, Advanced Data and File Structures; CS 440, Computer Organization and Architecture; CS 444, Software Engineering; CS 450, Data Networks; CS 465, UNIX Operating Systems; CS 468, Advanced UNIX; and CS 493, Senior Capstone.

  • Computer Information Systems/Information Technology: CIS 206, Business Software Applications; CIS 313, Introduction to Database Concepts; CIS 318, Ethics for the IT Professional; CIS 425, Systems Analysis and Design; CIS 442, Database Programming; CIS 445, Database Management; CIS 455, Management Information Systems; and CIS 460, Decision Support Systems; CIS 480, Managing Technology for Business Strategies; CIT 331, Fundamentals of Security Management; CIT 452, Systems Administration.

In addition, I teach the following graduate courses: MSIA 672, Managing a Secure Enterprise; MSIA 673, Legal Basics in Cyber and Information Security; MSIA 674, Planning and Implementing Architecture Security; MSIA 676, Securing and Protecting Systems, Applications, and Data; MSIA 682, Computer Forensics; and MSCC 610, Information Technology Concepts.

I am a Senior Member of IEEE and IEEE Computer Society, Member of the ACM, and ISSA.


Adult students have many conflicting priorities: family, work, social activities, school, church.  The student deserves a quality education.  When a student enrolls in an accelerated course, he/she understands that there is a time investment required.  In return, the student expects to learn something from that course.  My job is to help the student understand the material, but I cannot do the learning for the student. I will challenge the student and the student will learn something from my courses and will have the ability to apply the concepts learned to real world problems.  I see adult education as a partnership between the instructor and the students.

Contact information:

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Personal Information:

I am married, have five children and eight grandchildren.  I am originally from Texas and now live in Denver, Colorado.  I am an ITIL Configuration Manager Architect and CM Tools Manager for Western Union, in Englewood, Colorado.

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