Mini-Documentary Assignment:

For this assignment you will plan, direct, shoot, and edit a short documentary video. The finished product should be roughly fifteen-twenty minutes long and ethically present either an informative or persuasive message appropriate to the subject matter. Examples include a biography of someone you know (i.e., family member, community figure, or someone with potential interest to a general audience); an informational piece on a worthwhile community organization or institution; a nature appreciation piece; or a persuasive documentary presenting a particular perspective regarding an issue of moral or social justice. Regardless of the type of documentary you choose, it needs to contain the following elements:

 The assignment will unfold in three stages. (1) Preproduction: You will prepare the preproduction elements of your project (see below), which include a clear and detailed typed proposal and accompanying storyboard for shooting and editing. Details of recording or obtaining desired audio elements should also be discussed. (2) Production: After submission and approval of this proposal you will film the visual component of your video and record or otherwise obtain the audio component of your video. This stage should emphasize visual literacy, artistic creativity, and motivated camera and audio recording work. After filming and initial audio recording, you will present examples of your raw footage to the class, along with a discussion for editing. (3) Postproduction: Finally, you will edit your video on the Final Cut Pro nonlinear editing system. The visual and audio aspects should reinforce one another and foster a meaningful viewing experience. The due date for the completed assignment is noted on the schedule of sessions. The entire assignment is worth 230 points.