Graduate Program Classes

The following represents any of the courses you may end up taking with me as the facilitator.  Each of the classes below with a link defined will contain general information for that class, and may contain tests or quizzes for a specified time.

Find general guidance for all classes here.

MSCC 525 Systems Analysis & Design MSCE 600 eCommerce
MSCC 600 Computer Systems Architecture MSCE 610 E- Security
MSCC 620 Presentation of Technical Material MSCE 620 Development Technology for eCommerce
  MSCE 622 Internet Interface Language Technologies
MSCN 600 Network Essentials MSCE 624 Portal Management
MSCN 620 Networking Technologies MSCE 626 Business to Customer Interface
MSCN 660 Client/Server Architecture MSCE 630 Planning and Designing eCommerce Projects
  MSCE 632 E-Commerce Architecture and Applications
MSCO 600 Object-Oriented Software Engineering MSCE 634 Web-Based Distributed Systems Application Development
MSCO 630 Object-Oriented Analysis & Design  
  MSCM 680 Project Management
MSC 635 Software Testing  
MSC 605 Human-Computer Interaction MSC 696 Professional Project

If there is no link specified for a class above, there isn't any additional information available at this time.

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