Well... they gave me this site and told me to put what I thought others might want to read, so ...

About Me: I have been teaching for many years in one capacity or another.   I started with military training and moved on to corporate systems training, and finally to the university level of teaching, where I find myself today.  I started with Regis University in August 1997, with my first course being Presentation of Technical Materials.   I enjoy teaching and hope for a long career in education (one form or another).  I teach in the Computer Information Technology area and have taught many courses at the graduate level, as well as a few in the undergraduate program.  My industry experience begins in 1978, and I bought my first very own computer in 1981. 

I also consult on a regular basis, and usually like to work in specific areas of Systems/Requirements Analysis, Project Management, Team lead (in either Development or Quality Assurance).  My ideal position would be as a designer of web enabled software with some project management and analysis influences thrown in for good measure. 


Why I maintain this site: This site was created and is maintained exclusively by me, and will contain material and links to information that I expect to be of use primarily to students of Regis University. 

Caveat: I do not specifically nor in general, endorse any link which leads away from my site as anything more or other than a site I have found useful at times during my own research or during my own educational program.