COM 432/MKT 432:  Advertising Theory & Practice

Spring 2011

Dr. Janellen Hill


Office: Loyola #30, x4969,

Office Hours: Thursdays from 3:15 – 5:00 p.m.; Wednesdays from 2:00-4:00 p.m.


Course Description:  A study of advertising and promotional aspects of marketing. Theoretical perspectives underlying the sales and promotional process are explored, along with aspects of practical planning.


Course Objectives:  Upon completion of this course, you will be capable of:

1.    Understanding the function of advertising in the marketing mix.

2.    Identifying the theoretical underpinnings of advertising strategies.

3.    Understanding advertising research.

4.    Evaluating advertising strategies and campaigns.

5.    Evaluating the role advertising plays in American culture.

6.    Practicing skills for the development of effective advertising campaigns.


Course Text:

Jewler, A. Jerome and Drewniany, B.L. (2011).  Creative Strategy in Advertising.  10th ed. Belmont, CA:  Thomson Wadsworth.

Advertising Age.  Arrangements will be made in class to subscribe to this trade journal for the semester.  The cost is $30.


Course Requirements:

1.    Exam.  15%

2.    Campaign Critique. Each student will select one print advertising campaign for evaluation of its strategies, aesthetic values and effectiveness.  Examples of the campaign must be included.  20%

3.    Campaign Development.  In assigned groups, you will select one product or service and create an advertising campaign.  You will develop a strategy statement and layouts of sample ads, plan media purchases and an evaluation campaign. Campaigns will be presented in class. 30%

4.   Advertising Age. Quizzes/Reviews. 10%

5.   Ad/consumer behavior activities.  A series of activities designed to explore aspects of both advertising and consumer behavior will be completed. 15%

6.   Class Participation.  This term means contributing to class discussion by asking relevant questions, making meaningful comments, reflecting on class assignments/exercises, and taking an active role in class discussions. 10%


Policies:  Students who miss five class sessions will automatically earn a failing grade.

                 Late assignments will lose 10% of grade for each calendar day late.     

                 Please, no competing audio/visual technology in class. 


Grades will be assigned as follows:

            100 - 90 points                                    A

              89 - 80 points                                    B

              79 - 70 points                                    C

              69 - 60 points                                    D

            Below 60 points                                   Not Passing

Course Schedule:

Week One

18, 20 January

Introduction to the course.  Student survey.

Read:  Chapters 1 & 2

Screening:  The Persuaders


Week Two

25, 27 January

Overview of the industry.

Integration of advertising into the marketing process.  Market segmentation and positioning. Consumer behavior. The communication process.

Read:  Chapter 3


Week Three

1, 3 February

The Super Bowl of Advertising.

Advertising strategies and tactics:  The motivational theories behind the ads.

Read:  Chapters 4 & 5

Watch:  The Super Bowl on Sunday, February 6.


Week Four

8, 10 February

Tuesday--Super Bowl Ads:  The good, the bad and the ugly

Thursday--Advertising Campaign Critique assignment distributed.

Read:  Chapters 6 & 7


Week Five

15, 17 February

Tuesday—Advertising Campaign Development groups formed and assignment distributed.

Thursday--Instructional Library session with John Schmitt, Reference Librarian.  DML 310

Advertising Research

Read:  Chapters 8 & 9


Week Six

22, 24 February

Tuesday--Campaign Development Groups meet to organize project.

Read:  Chapters 10, 11 & 12


Week Seven

1, 3 March


Due Tuesday—Progress reports on Campaign Critique, including final outline and annotated bibliography.

Due Thursday--Progress reports on Campaign Development Projects, including preliminary outline and annotated bibliography.


Week Eight

8, 10 March

Spring Break


Week Nine

15, 17 March

Campaign Critique Presentations


Week Ten

22, 24 March

Campaign Critique Presentations


Week Eleven

29, 31 March

Campaign Critique Presentations


Week Twelve

5, 7 April


Week Thirteen

12, 14 April

Campaign Development Presentations


Week Fourteen

19, 21 April

Campaign Development Presentations


Week Fifteen

26, 28 April

Campaign Development Presentations