Judy Richards'  Biography

 Judy Richards

I am Judy Richards.  I have had a long-term interest in teaching and consider myself a perennial student.  I believe that a person learns better when they feel comfortable to question "Why and how does that work".  Obviously, I teach something that is a bit concrete - local area networking and computer information systems.  Not that there isn't room for theory, but one is expected to be able to engineer a network and get results.  I have taught since 1997 at various educationa  institutions in the Denver Metro Area.

Personally, I am not so concrete - I like science fiction, fantasy and mystery novels as well as action/adventure novels.  A few authors I prefer are Elizabeth Peters, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Anne Perry, Tony Hillerman and Clive Cussler (Where is Dirk Pitt when you really need him?) and one could call me a Trekkie.  People I admire are Nelson Mandella, Eleanor Roosevelt, Georgia O'Keeffe and Frida Kahlo.

Activities I enjoy are traveling, soaring (fixed wing aircraft) and classic cars.  I own a '66 Ford Mustang Convertible and am a member of the Colorado Chassis Lassies.  I have been a long time volunteer and work with refugees at Emily Griffith Opportunity School in the conversation program for English as a second language.  Previously, I have volunteered in various capacities at National Jewish Hospital, The Soaring Society of Boulder, the Arts & Humanities of Boulder County and am a founding mother of The Colorado Women's Hall of Fame.  My family includes Dozzer T. Dog and Murphy T. Cat as well as an extended family of friends.

I have been involved with personal computers since the mid-1980s and was involved previously with mainframes.  Therefore, I consider I have at least 20 solid years of local area networking and computer software and hardware experience in various platforms and architectures.  I am a Certified Netware Engineer and I am a Certified Network Consultant through the National Association of Communication Systems Engineers (NACSE) and am Chairperson of the Data and Networking Board of Standards.  My educational background includes training in most Microsoft products such as TCP/IP, IIS, server and workstation as well as Solaris system administration, shell programming and network administration.  More recently, I have expanded my experience into telecommunications.  I have extensive experience in program/project management, which includes the Rational Unified Process (RUP), Extreme Programming iteration planning and the Capability Maturity Model (CMM).  My formal education also includes MBAs in Computer Information Systems and Finance & Accounting through Regis University (1992).

Additionally, I have owned a bookkeeping firm and have experience as an oil and gas accountant.  Until recently, I worked as a business systems analyst for Custom Software Solution's Professional Services department at CSG Systems.  Prior to CSG, I worked as a Member of Technical Staff, Research & Development - Coretech at US West, and at Exabyte Corporation as Senior Network Administrator and Amoco Corporation.  I am now Vice President of Comfort Technical Assistance, LLC a company that provides professional IT services (without attitude).

Good luck to you all... have fun learning.  I am here to help in any way I can.