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James A. Lundy

CIS, CS Faculty


Masters of Science in Computer Science: University of Denver

Masters of Science in Education: Central State Missouri University

Bachelors of Science in Applied Mathematics with a Minor in Electrical Engineering: University of Missouri @ Rolla (Missouri School of Mines)


I am a practicing Computer Engineer and Professor of Computer Science and have been for over twenty years. Comprehensive experience in all phases of distributed system integration including feasibility studies, system analysis, design and development activities, computer programming, testing, prototyping, implementing, system problem solving, and training, as well as tactical and strategic operations planning. I have applied knowledge of federal and industry guidelines for computer system security, software security, and configuration management.



We all learn by doing, listening, and discussing. As a facilitator of learning in a class room or on the Internet it is my duty to provide each student with the opportunity to learn. By providing an environment in which each individual is given the respect to allow them to do, discuss, and hear the subject with out impediment. I will provide each student with direction, correction, and consideration. I will deliver to each student a carefully considered task in which to evaluate their effort with out discrimination, prejudice, or disparagement.


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I am a proud father of two fine sons.

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