Terrorism and Homeland Security

I.    Terrorism and WMDs

    A.    Associated Conditions

        1.    Rapid Change

            a.     Society

            b.     Religious Fanaticism

            c.     Economy

    B.    Threats to Existent Values

    C.    Alienation

    D.    Features

        1.    Fanaticism

        2.    Small Membership

        3.    Self Righteous Belief Structure

        4.     Oversimplification of Issues

        5.    Utopianism

        6.    Exploitation of Youthful Members

        7.    Focus on Most Vulnerable Targets

        8.    Tool of the Weak

    E.    Terrorists States

        1.    Afghanistan (??)

        2.    Libya (??)

        3.    Iraq (??)

        4.    Iran

        5.    Syria

        6.    North Korea

        7.    Pakistan (??)

    F.    Combating Terrorism (FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists)

        1.    Information

        2.    International Cooperation

        3.    Hardening Targets

        4.    Isolating Supporting Institutions

        5.    Destruction of Resources   

II.  Homeland Security   

    A.    The Patriot Act (key provisions; critique)

    B.    The Intelligence Community

Key Web Sites

Terrorism Research Center

Four Faces of Nuclear Terrorism

Counterterrorism Office:  State Department

Foreign Terrorist Organizations (links)

U.S. Anti-Terrorism Laws

Department of Homeland Security