Thumbnail Sketch of Current Republican

and Democrat Policy Orientations*

Republicans Democrats
seek to restrict and limit social welfare spending favor expansive social welfare programs
pro-life -- supports government restrictions on abortions pro-choice including right of pregnant women to obtain abortion paid for by tax payer
oppose gun control favor gun control
supports broad tax cuts favors "targeted tax cuts"
supports "traditional family values" supports gay/homosexual/lesbian causes
suspicious of environmental groups and federal government regulations on land use supports most initiatives of environmentalists
favors choice in education -- pro-vouchers supports traditional organization of public education - anti-voucher
favors prayers in public schools opposes prayers in public schools
supports reduction in trade barriers sensitive to loss of jobs by American workers, environmental impact of lowered trade barriers
wants to deregulate of electric energy maintain/expand regulations
explore ANWR for oil opposes oil exploration in ANWR
modify current Social Security system structure generally supports existing system
opposes hikes in minimum wage laws seeks to raise the minimum wage
supports rights of business to replace strikers supports law banning permanent striker replacement workers
favors right to work laws-(pro) opposes right to work laws-(con)
opposes racial preference/affirmative action laws favors racial preference/affirmative action laws
opposes establishment of special category of "hate crimes" supports "hate crime" legislation
seeks conservative judges seeks liberal judges
would leave access to medical care to private sector except for Medicare and Medicaid programs has long term goal of government guaranteed universal medical care rights
wants maximized presidential discretion in proposed Homeland Security legislation favors standard civil service rules, collective bargaining and congressional limits on presidential administrative powers of proposed new Department
favors continuing military presence in Iraq until Iraq government is able to sustain itself seeks specific time frame for wthdrawl of U.S. troops from Iraq