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"The UN and World Trade"
My address to the Northern Colorado UN Association,
Fort Collins, Colorado, 15 January 2005
Revised 23 March 2005 for the Front Range Forum
in Fort Collins

"What's Wrong with Romero?"
This is my critique of the movie "Romero"

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CCS 400 Junior Seminar: Global Peace and Justice
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How old is the Grand Canyon?  The Bush administration does not want to tell you!  Why does the Bush administration care?  Find out here.  It is a story so bizarre and irrational, so childish and petty, and so anti-intellectual that when you find out you will either laugh or scream.  But it does explain a lot about how this administration works and why it can do very little in a competent manner.

Kevin Tillman voices his displeasure with the Iraq War and the Bush Regime.
While you are at the Truthdig blog to read Tillman's article, look around the web page to find Chris Hedges' October 25, 2006 analysis of "Coveting the Holocaust."  Or simply click here.

Bill Blum on Being Quoted by Osama bin Laden

George Monbiot reveals how climate-change deniers and other right-wingers get their information in "Junk Science."

In April 1944, Vice President Henry Wallace wrote a piece for the New York Times in which he discussed "American fascism."  Essayist and historian Thom Hartmann uses Wallace's insights to shed light on the current state of U.S. politics, including the 2004 presidential election campaign.

An Indian Analysis of the U.S. Invasion of Iraq.
This is a thorough and thoughtful analysis!

Mark Twain on American Imperialism in the Philippines

Tim Wise on the Validity of Dissent

100 Nobel Laureates warn that security can only be achieved by social and environmental reform 

Latin American perspective by Eduardo Galeano, "The Theatre of Good and Evil" and "Symbols"

How to Evaluate Sources                             The Value of Comparative Analysis in Evaluating Sources

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