STUDY GUIDE for HENSLIN, Chapters 1 through 3


Chapter One: The Sociological Perspective


1.   What is the difference between the sociological perspective and the psychological perspective? (You might have a little trouble answering this question, but think about it as you read.)

2.   What kinds of things can sociologists do?

3.   What are the three major schools of sociological theory?  How do they differ?

4.   Take the Sociology Quiz (bottom of page 17).  Don’t cheat!

5.   What is meant by “validity” and “reliability” in sociological research?

6.   How can research procedures lead to misleading results?

7.   What are the ethical issues in sociological research?

8.   How is Orlando Patterson’s (“The Last Sociologist” in the NY Times reader) understanding of sociology different from Henslin’s?



Chapter Two: Culture


Define the following terms:


      Material culture 

      Nonmaterial culture









How does language affect human thought and interaction?



Chapter Three: Socialization


1.   What do isolated children show us about being human?

2.   In George Herbert Mead’s theory of socialization, what are the following?

            Significant other

            Generalized other

            The three stages of learning

3.   What is a “peer group”?  How does it figure in the socialization process?

4.   What are the major “agents of socialization”?

5.   Define “total institution.”

6.   Are stages of life (childhood, adolescence, etc.) biologically or culturally determined?