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Excellent sources for information on inequality: Economic Policy Institute: has an extensive section on the Living Wage. Institute for Research on Poverty: University of Wisconsin.

What it takes to get along in Denver....

The Working Poor, 2004.

The Economic Policy Institute has a brief but thorough description of the Social Security System.
The Center for Economic and Policy Research web page has links to recent articles about Social Security and Medicare reform.

Environmental and World Hunger Issues
An analysis of President Bush's "answer" to the Kyoto Agreement:

"The World Bank and the Forests: Here We Go Again.  A Multinational Monitor editorial reveals how the World Bank changed its policy on financing forest projects in 2002.  The new policy makes it much easier for corporations to destroy old-growth forests.

THE GLOBAL BANQUET: Politics of Food

Big business versus the environment and people's health:
A.J. Chien, "Industry vs. Precaution in Massachusetts." Znet Commentary.

Corporate power and corporate corruption:
John J. Neumaier, "Who Will Investigate the Investigators of the Enron Scandal?"