How to Keep a Journal

How to cite sources using APA format

How to cite electronic sources.

Community-Based Learning Projects
These projects, each of which will require an hour or two of your time to performs and write up (see syllabus), are also described at the Service Learning web page: www.regis.edu/slclasses.
#1.  Climate Change

#2.  Sustainable Public Transportation
#3.  Darwin's Nightmare (Project)
          Here is a report on Lake Victoria, written in 1995.

Michael Klare, "Is Energo-fascism in Your Future? The Global Energy Race and Its Consequences (Part 1)" TomDispatch.com, January 14, 2007.  This is a brief update of Blood and Oil (about eight pages).

Notes on "Rachel Carson's Silent Spring" (PBS American Experience biography)

Notes on "The Atomic Cafe" (1982 documentary about how the US developed nuclear weapons and nuclear power at the expense of South Pacific Islandersand how easy it was to fool the US public.)

Maybe you thought "The Atomic Cafe" was so weird and funny that government could no longer do anything that silly.  Take a look at what the Bush administration is doing at the Grand Canyon.

Notes on "The Fires of the Amazon," a film by Adrian Cowell.

Notes on "Toxic Sludge Is Good for You."

Common terms and references in EARTH DEMOCRACY by Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva, "India Needs her small farmers for food security, livelihood security, peace and democracy," Znet Commentary, 6 April 2007.

Notes on "Rich World, Poor Women."  This is Bill Moyers' look at globalization and its consequences for women.  We will watch the part about water and women in Africa and the interview with Vandana Shiva.


Why It Would Be Unwise to Privatize Water

Notes on "Taken for a Ride"

Mark Hertsgaard summarizes the Bush administration's environmental record during its first two years in office.

"The World Bank and the Forests...." according to Multinational Monitor



Web pages from previous years

Abbreviations, Organizations, and Protocols in earthsummit.biz

Regis University 2003 Environmental Audit