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Movie Schedule

Jan. 22-24 "Like Water for Chocolate" Mexico      Response paper due Feb. 1

  Notes and Analysis for "Like Water...."

Feb. 5-7 "Men with Guns"     Response paper due Feb. 15

The Alliance for Progress and the Relationship between the Rich and the Military in Latin America

Notes on El Salvador: Portraits in a Revolution.
Feb. 19-21 "Strawberry and Chocolate" Cuba & Caribbean       Response paper due March 1
For more information on "Strawberry and Chocolate" and Cuba, go to Cuba, Cuban
    Impressions and Inside Castro's Cuba.
    A major distinction in Cuban politics is whether a dissident is "within the revolution" or "outside the revolution." Click here for an interview with a major political dissident who is "within the revolution."
    The U.S. planned to provoke Cuba into an attack in the 1960s. Read the recently declassified document at The National Security Archives.  (These are photocopies of the actual documents. They take a little while to download.)

March 12-14 "Four Days in September" Brazil.       Response paper due March 22

  Notes and Analysis for "Four Days...."

  My notes on the Belgian documentary, "Children of Rio" ("Gosses de Rio"), 1995.  The problem explored in this film (the murder of street children) is still current in Brazil's major cities.

   The Amazon River Basin is Brazil's major natural resource and perhaps its biggest headache.
   Here are my notes on a 2002 BBC documentary on the Amazon region.

March 26-28 "The Motorcycle Diaries"  Chile and Per     Response paper due April 5

April 4-9 "The Official Story" Argentina           Response paper due April 19

  For recent revelations about U.S. policy towards the Argentine dictatorship at the time of "The Official Story," click here.

April 18-23 "Missing" Chile         Response paper due April 26

For a pretty good account of the first day of the coup against the Allende government (Sept. 11, 1973), see "The Definitive Coup," by Ewin Martinez.

  Recent revelations about the Charles Horman case
May 2002 report on the Horman murder

"Consul Phil Putnam" in the movie was in real life Consul Fred Purdy.  He was recently back in the news.

  National Security Archive record of State Department memo concerning the case.
      Note: "Version 1" and "Version 2" are simply different copies of the same memo, with slightly
         different sections blocked out.  "Version 2" is easier to read.
  Even more relevant documents from the National Security Archive.
      Note: These documents are heavily censored and take time to appear on your screen.

 Links to everything the National Security Archive has on Chile, the coup and Pinochet.

On January 15, 2006, Chile elected its first woman president--Michelle Bachelet--also the first woman to become president of any Latin American country by means of election.

Films not on this semester's schedule:

 "Romero" (El Salvador)
I have written a critique of "Romero".

"Burn!"  (fictional Caribbean)

"Salvador" (El Salvador according to Oliver Stone)