LAAP at Regis University
2000, 2001, 2002

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As an extension to the original project, Regis reviewed electronic portfolio products on the market. We invite you to explore the information gathered on this survey.

Regis University Electronic Portfolio Project


Video Clip by Ellen Waterman
Change at the Institution Level

Regis University, in conjunction with Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, Kansas State University, Kapi'olani Community College, and SCT participated in a three-year Learning Anytime, Anywhere Partnership (LAAP) project, Beyond the Administrative Core: Creating Web-based Student Services for Online Learners.

"Organizations are not built to serve customers - they are built to preserve internal order. To customers, the internal structure may not only mean very little, it may serve as a barrier. " -George Fisher, former CEO Motorola

Our goal: Use Internet-based technology to improve non-core student services. With each institution addressing a different aspect of student services, Regis University focused on getting students through the application process and directly into academic advising. To do this required providing the student direct access to their individual information. The internal process improvements moved the student from interacting in the organization structure to directly accessing the information.

This directly-supplied and user-specific information would allow the student to manage their own process. It would also begin to bring them into University services through RegisNet.

We welcome you to explore our process in the following locations:

Beginning Where did it all start? What were the key assumptions we made? Why did we participate?
Process An outline of the key steps we took and methods we used in identifying, creating and finalizing these system changes.
Results Get a hands-on demonstration of and interact with our final system improvements.
Recreating Tips and observations on crucial steps for other institutions interested in recreating this process.
Beyond How will these efforts carry us into the future?
The Team Meet the team members whose dedication to change and process improvement were essential to the successful completion of the LAAP grant.