Courses I Currently Teach

CN and CS (Regis School for Professional Studies Computer Networking and Computer Science Programs)

CN 300 Fundamentals of Computer Networks

CS 484 Technical Aspects of CIS

CS 425 Systems Analysis and Design


MSCIT (Master of Science in Computer Information Technology) Program


MSC 525 Systems Analysis and Design

MSCC 525 Online Systems Analysis and Design

Core Courses

MSC 645 Applied Systems Analysis and Design

MSC 645 Online Applied Systems Analysis and Design

MSCC 600    Computer Architecture

MSCC 620 Presentation of Technical Material


MSC 605 Online Human - Computer Interface

Professional Project:

MSC 696 Professional Project

MSC 696 Online

MSM (Master of Science in Management) Program

MSM 695 H    Technology for the Future (Subject varies by term taught)


If you need to contact me by Instant message, I'm at:

Yahoo Messaging:        DenverProfessor

AOL Instant Message:    CoachLattina