Welcome to MSC 696 Professional Project


Welcome to MSC 696. Here is the schedule for presentations:

Checklist for Final Paper:

  1. The paper satisfies the objectives and deliverables identified in the Board-Approved Proposal.
  2. The paper has NO grammatical errors.
  3. The Paper is Substantial. The elements a Professional Project should demonstrate (defined in PPC Guidelines) include::
    • specialization,
    • critical thinking,
    • new value,
    • non-triviality,
    • usefulness to a wide audience,
    • good system development, engineering or research practices.
  1. The paper is professional in appearance, including such features as:
    • Front Matter:
      1. Title Page
      2. Table of Contents (including list of figures and appendices)
      3. Abstract (Helps the reader to decide whether to read the paper.)
      4. Executive Summary (Gives high-level view of the paper, for readers who will not necessarily read the paper.)
    • Body:
      1. Introduction / Background (Does NOT assume reader has read the Abstract or the Executive Summary.)
      2. Problem Statement / Project Requirements, including Scope
      3. Design Methodology / Project Approach
      4. Solution
      5. Conclusion (may include Lessons Learned)
    • Overall... should have either a header or a footer with page numbers (front matter numbered i, ii, iii, iv, etc), your name and Title of the paper and perhaps chapter number and title... lists or bullets should be grammatically parallel...

    The presentation, when given in its final form for MSC 696 should reflect the experience, professionalism, and knowledge expected of a graduate student.

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The New PPC Process... Some Clarifications

PowerPoint Presentation on the New Process

1. There is no increase in total credit hours to graduate. Students will continue to need only 36 credit hours to finish.

2. There is no additional cost in tuition with the new process. Students will be paying the same amount in tuition for the 3, 1 credit hour courses (696A, 696B and 696C) as they did for the 1, 3 credit hour course 696.

3. To remain in the old process, students just need to SUBMIT a proposal via their advisor by 12/15/01 to Don Ina - dina@regis.edu. The proposal does not need to be approved by 12/15/01.

4. The 3 new, 1 credit hour courses, 696A, B and C will be online by the end of 2002 if not earlier. Students needing these online prior to online courses being scheduled need to contact Trisha Litz - plitz@regis.edu

5. Students do NOT need to have an advisor prior to taking the 696A - Professional Project Proposal course. However, students are still required to have an advisor and will need to have an advisor by the end of 696A.

6. Students who have any questions or comments need to contact Graduate Faculty - Trisha Litz at plitz@regis.edu