Welcome to MSC 696 Professional Project


Your Paper

The first week of class, you will email the instructor a copy of your manuscript. If you're in this class, your advisor has approved your paper as complete, and there should only be minor notes from me.  However, before you send me your manuscript, please review your document for the following important points:

  1. Have you checked your document for spelling and grammar?

  2. Are the margins appropriate for a manuscript which is to be bound? According to APA Guidelines, the left-hand margin should be wide enough for binding, usually 1 1/2 inch (4 cm). right, top, and bottom margins should be at least 1 inch. If you are having special problems with the margin requirements, please contact me ASAP so we can discuss.

  3. Read the University's binding instructions. Note that the font should be consistent, no small than elite 12-pt and not script. The headings and sub headings can have larger font, but each should be consistent with headings/sub headings of the same level.

  4. Check to make sure you have no unintended line-feeds at the beginning of any page. Chapter headings may have a wider margin, but other than than, the tops of the pages should have the same spacing at the top. Also check for blank pages.

  5. Front matter includes an Abstract, Executive Summary, Table of Contents and are numbered i, ii, iii, etc. The title page is not numbered.

  6. Do your chapters each start on a new page? To accomplish this, use page breaks rather than line-feeds. If you use line-feeds, other changes in your manuscript may cause your chapter headings to move up or down.

  7. Have you removed any slang and insured your paper "reads" in a professional manner?

  8. If you have hyperlinks in your document, the copy you submit for biding should exclude these. Your paper should not depend on such hyperlinks for flow, as a hard copy will not have this capability. If you'd like to save an electronic copy of your paper with hyperlinks, then create a new copy to submit for this class and for binding.

Optional things to think about:

Once your paper is approved, you will make the desired number of copies and mail to me:

  1. All the copies you wish to have bound,

  2. The Binding Form,

  3. A Certificate of Authorship,

  4. A signed Advisor Approval form,

  5. A check or money order made out to "Regis University" for the total amount for binding.

I will provide my office address on the Forum.

How many copies should I order? Each student is required to pay for and submit one copy of the manuscript for binding in the Dayton Library in Denver, Colorado. All other copies are optional. Most students order at least one copy for themselves. The MSCIT Degree Chair would also appreciate a copy of the manuscript for his office.  Many students order additional copies for friends and family.

Your Presentation

Objective: The presentation will give the audience a clear understanding of your Professional Project, be at least 45 minutes, and will include a question and answer session in which you adequately answer any questions posed by the instructor, your classmates, and possibly others.

You may either defend your thesis in person in Denver, Colorado during this term or you may choose any other presentation medium that meets the objective above. This will be YOUR hour and I will do anything I can to accommodate your creativity. The established Internet mediums are: presenting your PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes on the Forum, creating a web site that guides the viewer through your presentation online, or using an online conferencing tool for your presentation.