The Collegium Musicum celebrated its 12th year at Regis University this past spring (2012). Made up of students, faculty, and community members, the ensemble explores music from 1200-1750 as well as contemporary works and arrangements for voices and period instruments (recorders, shawms, viola da gambas, sackbuts, and krumhorns). Collegium members bring with them various levels of experience from younger students discovering Early Music for the first time to faculty and community members, some of whom also participate in professional Denver-area ensembles. If you are interested in finding out more about the Collegium Musicum, contact the ensemble’s founder and director, Dr. Mark Davenport:

Office Phone: (303) 964-3609


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Regis University Collegium Musicum Photo Gallery (2002-2012)



“Rejoice Ye All With Music: A Musical Tour of England, Germany and Italy." Berkeley Community Church (April 27, 2010)





“Music From Renaissance Spain and the New World." Berkeley Community Church (December 9, 2008)





Performing “Isaac & Bach Rock: Early Music from the Netherlands & Germany” Berkeley Community Church (April 22, 2008)





Performing "Music in the Early Jesuit Schools” St. John Francis Regis Chapel (December 5, 2006)





“Songs of Praise, Celebration & Love: Music from the Sixteenth Century” Berkeley Community Church (April 19, 2006)





Dress rehearsal for “While Joyful Springtime Lasteth: English Music from the Court of Queen Elizabeth I” O'Sullivan Arts Center

(April 26, 2005)





Rehearsal at O’Sullivan Arts Center (October, 2004)





Performing "Music from Renaissance Spain," Concert Hall in the Boulder Public Library (October 27, 2002)