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BL 406 Bulletin Course Description

A rigorous organ-system-based course in human anatomy that also places human anatomical structure into its evolutionary and developmental context. Includes a general overview of anatomical variation among vertebrates. Teaches anatomy as an active biological discipline. Co-Requisite(s): BL 407. Prerequisite(s): BL 260 and BL 262. Note: Pre-Nursing or pre-Physical Therapy students should take BL 274 to meet the requirements for these programs.

Course (BL 406/407 Combined) Goals

This course seeks to provide students with both a solid knowledge of human anatomy, and an understanding of that anatomy as a biological phenomenon clearly connected to the rest of biology.  Anatomy can be learned as a simple memorization of names of parts, to allow communication and clinical facility. However, anatomy as a biological discipline is not a static list of terminology, and anatomy is only truly understood when the evolutionary and developmental context is understood. It is hoped that a more full understanding of human anatomy in its comparative and embryological context will help students not only to remember anatomical terminology, but also to be able to deal with novel anatomical material and anatomical abnormalities as would an anatomist. 

Course (BL 406/407 Combined) Objectives/Outcomes

Students should be able to…

1.  propose, design, and execute a simple comparative anatomical study that correctly tests a clear hypothesis.

2.  write/construct a clear, concise, and accurate scientific poster.

3.  define the major terms used in human anatomy, embryology, and comparative anatomy.

4.  explain the major organizing concepts in human anatomy, embryology, and comparative anatomy.

5.  recognize anatomical and histological structures as discussed in class.

6.  recognize the the conceptual connection between anatomy and the rest of biology, both generally as a scientific discipline and more specifically as a subdiscipline based on the subdisciplines of developmental and evolutionary biology.

Prerequisites: BL 260/261 and BL 262/263.

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Time and Place:

Lectures: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
1:30-2:20 PM in 204 Science Building

Laboratories: Mon. 4:00-5:50 PM in 204 Science  and Thurs. 1:45-5:10PM in 204 Science

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Dr. Michael Ghedotti
225 Pomponio Science Center, Phone: (303) 458-4091

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10:30-11:25am, Thursday  10:00am-12:00pm.  OR by appointment.
If I am not in my office I may be in another room nearby in the Biology Department [try S204 or S210].

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