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BL/ENVS 410 Aquatic and Fisheries Ecology

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Course Goals (Bulletin Description): Develops student knowledge of the ecology of freshwater and marine systems, emphasizing aquatic conservation and use of aquatic resources. Identifies aquatic resource use issues, then invites students to apply a range of perspectives to develop an integrative position regarding aquatic resource issues.

Course Outcomes: Students should be able to…

  1. define the major terms used in aquatic and fisheries ecology,
  2. explain the major organizing concepts used in aquatic and fisheries ecology,
  3. explain basic economic considerations and government regulatory structure associated with aquatic resource use,
  4. identify points of conflict among different individual and disciplinary perspectives regarding aquatic resource use issues,
  5. apply scientific, economic, political, and social knowledge about aquatic resource issues, to develop a coherent and integrative position regarding an aquatic resource issue, and
  6. recognize environmental and social justice concerns in a range of aquatic resource issues.

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Class Sessions, Time and Place:

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 11:30-12:20am, SCI 204


Dr. Michael Ghedotti
225 Pomponio Science, Phone: (303) 458-4091  Email:

Office Hours:
10:30am-11:25am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 
10:00am-12:00pm Thursday,  or
by appointment at some other time when your instructor is available.

I check my e-mail frequently (at least every day) and my voice mail less frequently (once a week).

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Lecture materials:

Dobson, M. and C. Frid. 2009. Ecology of Aquatic Systems. Oxford U. Press. 

Greenberg, P. 2010. Four Fish, The Future of the Last Wild Food. The Penguin Press.

Halverson, A. 2010. An Entirely Synthetic Fish, How Rainbow Trout Beguiled America and Overran the World. Yale U. Press. 

Simbiotic Software. Limiting Nutrients and Go Fish. CD and Workbooks.

Textbooks may be purchased at the Regis University Bookstore in the Regis Student Center.

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