BA325 – Marketing Principles



Assignment Guidelines






Weekly assignments are due by midnight (MT) on Sunday.  It is important that these assignments be turned in on time because like you, my schedule is very busy. Submit these assignments as attachments using the “Assignment Drop Box” tool in WorldClass.


Graded assignments (provided you responded to my FERPA Privacy Statement 
posting and the assignment is turned in on time) will be returned to you via 
Course Mail in WorldClass by the following Friday at the latest. I grade in the 
order received – first in, first graded and returned. Because each assignment 
builds on past assignments it is critical that all assignments be turned in on 
time. If your assignment is not posted by the deadline, I will not make any 
promises on when it will be returned to you. Always review my feedback from 
former assignments BEFORE submitting a new assignment.   


If you have ANY questions about the assignments or anything else, please let me know. I'm ALWAYS happy to help.




In the Facilitator's Notes folder under the Discussion Forum section of WorldClass please respond to my posting with the name and version number of the virus protection software used on each computer you use to prepare work for this class. This is because I download the assignments from WorldClass to use the “Track Changes” feature in Microsoft Word while providing feedback.


For obvious reasons, I will not accept your WK1 assignment until you have done this.




If you work in any software other than Microsoft Word 2003 save your document in 2003 format or in Rich Text Format (RTF) before submitting it. If you do not know how to save a document in RTF please CALL me and I'll walk you through it.




ALWAYS use the following nomenclature when naming your attachments:


BA325_yourlastname_ wk#.doc


Example:   Sally Jones would name her WK1 assignment BA325_ jones_wk1.doc


If you do not know how to name a document please CALL me and I'll walk you through it.




When you attach your assignments using the Assignment Drop Box tool the Title (subject line) MUST be identical to your document name:


BA325_yourlastname_ wk#


Example:  The title of Sally Jones' WK1 posting containing her assignment would be BA325_ jones_wk1.


Detailed instruction on how to use the Assignment Drop Box feature can be found in WorldClass by clicking on the "Resources" tab at the top of the page; click on the "+" sign next to "CPS Resources" and choose the link called "Discussion Forum and Student Guide".




I will confirm receipt of your assignment within 24-48 hours via Course Mail. 
It is your responsibility to be sure that I receive your assignments. If you 
haven't heard from me, assume I haven't received it. 



All assignments are evaluated on CONTENT AND COMMUNICATION skills.  The final grade for every assignment will be weighted 80% content and 20% communication. 


Content (80% of assignment) considers the following:


-         Ability to demonstrate understanding of the learned concepts

-         Ability to think critically by:

o       Do more than repeat the text or weekly overview

o       Draw out additional implications

o       Express a point of view and DEFEND IT.


Communication (20% of assignment) considers the following:


-         Writing Skills (spelling, grammar, punctuation)

-         Organization of ideas

-         Professionalism (readability and general appearance)


Guidelines for Written Assignments:


-         Double or 1.5 line spacing

-         Use headers and subheads throughout all sections

-         Cite all references using either APA format (end notes)

-         Readability is important, so make sure your font, font size, formatting, etc. are PROFESSIONAL.


Make Every Word Count:


I highly encourage you to submit ALL of your work (forum postings and e-mail assignments) using more of a business style of writing than an academic style of writing. What's the difference? A business style of writing is clear and gets to the point. The focus is on the critical pieces of information (i.e. quality) while avoiding fluff and puffery.


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