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Forum Discussion Guidelines



The Forum Discussion represents 25% of your final grade.


Gary Cox, a fellow Regis facilitator said it best, "the forum is the backbone of this course -- it is the "classroom."


There are two objectives for your forum experience, (1) to enhance your learning opportunities and (2) to give you a sense of community with fellow classmates.


Unless noted, each week’s forum discussion DIRECTLY relates to that week's reading.


·        Always complete ALL of the reading assignments prior to responding to the discussion question and think of the forum as a place to test ideas and learn from each other before completing the written assignments.


·        Also, you should ALWAYS read my comments on your posting before submitting your weekly assignments.


Two graded forum postings are required each weeks


Guidelines for both postings will be included in the weekly forum discussion posting, BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE SPECIFIC GUIDELINES FOR ALL POSTINGS.


Postings are due by midnight (MT) on Wednesdays and Fridays.


I do NOT review the discussion question thread everyday, however, I do check the “General Questions” thread every day. I usually grade discussion question postings on Fridays and Saturdays when after both posting have been completed. I often poise additional questions and always provide feedback on postings that will add to your learning experience. Sometimes I build off of your ideas with real world examples, answer questions and/or redirect wayward thinking. I will also point out strengths and weaknesses in individual postings related to the grading criteria outlined below.





Each week's discussion questions are posted on the forum in the corresponding week's folder. Whatever is posted in the weekly folder replaces any discussion questions listed in the Week by Week section of WorldClass, if there is a difference.




All required postings are graded individually using the standard 100 point grading scale.


Missed postings receive a grade of ZERO. Expect each missed posting to lower your final forum participation grade one grade level. In other words, if your cumulative forum grade is an "A", missing one posting lowers it to a "B", two missed posting lowers it to a "C", etc.


I will provide feedback and a grade on every required posting using the “Course Mail” feature in WorldClass provided you've responded to the FERPA Privacy Statement granting me approval to do so.


Posting Requirements


Your responses to the posted discussion question will be evaluated based upon:


-         The completeness of your response. The entry must cover the entire scope of the question(s) given. If the posting contains three questions, then your response must answer all three questions. If you only answer two of the three questions, I will automatically subtract 1/3 from the total points available. If you answer one out of two questions, I'll subtract 1/2 from the total points.


-         Your ability to apply theory and concepts from the reading assignments. Every posting must contain references from that week's reading assignment AND feel free to includes secondary sources OR personal examples. Remember to cite all of your sources.


-         The overall quality of the posting -- communication of ideas, critical thinking and proofreading. The entry should be carefully edited.


Friday Posting:


The Friday posting should demonstrate the same level of quality, critical thinking and application of the concepts presented in your text as your Wednesday posting.




Effective communication is a critical component of the forum, I can't stress this enough. Please read everything carefully and proof your replies before posting. I often compose in Microsoft Word then cut and paste my postings into the WorldClass form.


Here are some more "forum tips" compiled by another Regis facilitator, Jerry Mosier:

-         Please be sure to post a REPLY to a discussion question rather than to COMPOSE a new one.  This will help to better manage the discussions as we progress through the class.  
-         It is strongly recommended that you read through all of the existing responses first, prior to replying to an individual response.  You will find that in doing so you will be able provide greater breath in your own responses and avoid repeating ideas that have already been presented.    
-         Your responses should be a thoughtful sharing of your own ideas, experiences, or suggestions. It is important that all of your postings demonstrate that you have reflected on the subject.  Your thoughts need to demonstrate critical thinking skills and make a positive contribution to the class.
-         Always respond to question poised to you by classmates or the facilitator. 
-         Citation:  Give credit where credit is due.  If you are borrowing an idea from a text, article, Web Site, or other person, ALWAYS include your source in your positing, using APA guidelines. 
-         Please be respectful and supportive of the ideas of other students in the class.  Challenging ideas makes for a lively discussion and is highly encouraged, however, remember to respect one another’s points of view (learn from each other) and be VERY considerate when you when you are addressing topics such as cultures, religion, and gender differences etc.


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