Computer Science Fundamentals

CS208 - Classroom

Table of Contents:

Course Syllabus

Text Book 

Supplemental Course Materials (SCM)

Administrative Information 
Home works 
Lab Assignments 
Additional Study Notes 
Other References 

Model Assembler & Free Compilers 



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Administrative Information 

Administrative Info (contact info, books, grading policy, etc) 
Course Syllabus (topics covered, etc) 
Scheduled Course Readings, and Home works 

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Power Point Lectures (Need Power Point)

You can download the free Microsoft Power Point viewer from this link


Week1 Computer systems

Numbering systems  (Lec. with Audio)


 Addition & Subtraction (Lec. with Audio)

 Signed Numbers (Lec. with Audio)

 Floating Point Numbers (Lec. with Audio)

 Logical and Shift operations  

Week3 Program design

Software Programming (Audio Lecture)

Intro to C++ Programming Part 1

Week4 Intro to C++ Programming Part 2
Week5 Intro to Assembly Programming (Audio lecture 135 Megs)
Week6 Intro to Operating Systems

Intro to UNIX



Home works 







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In Class Exams 

Exams are a combination of multiple choice and true/false questions and short essays. Each quiz have an answer form. Mark and fill your answers in the answer form and press the submit button.

Exam (For Classroom Students only)

   Note: if you get a login window just press cancel

    Exam file (Doc) 

    Exam File (html)

    Exam Answer Form

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Lab Assignments 

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Additional Study Notes 

    Fetch-Decode-Execute Flash

    Using the Dev C++ compiler

    Assembly lecture with sound (huge 127 Mb)

C++ Programming resources

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Text Book: 

Schneider, G. M. & Gersting, J. L. (2013).  Invitation to Computer Science, 6th Edition. Course Technology Cengage learning, ISBN # 978-1-133-19082-0

C++ Chapter free module accompanying Invitation to Computer Science. ISBN 0324788592_184952. Free Module

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Supplemental Course Materials (SCM): 

Supplemental course materials (PDF file)

You can download the Adobe free reader from the following link

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Model Assembler& Free Compilers

Zipped (75K) (need unzipper)

Self Extracting (223K)

Free C++ Compilers

The following link provides resources for free C++ compilers

    Suggested Compilers


Download the right binary for your OS (Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X)


DevC++    Full C++ Programming Environment  +  Win 32 IDE  

          8.9 MB: Win32 GUI self-extracting installer (save to hard drive then install)


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Other References 

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