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Computer Science Dept


Asst Professor Pam Smallwood

Courses I teach:

bulletCS208 - Computer Science Fundamentals
bulletCS361 - Control Structures with C++
bulletCS362 - Data Structures with C++
bulletCS210 - Introduction to Programming (Alice & Java)
bulletCS310 - Data Structures (Java)
bulletCS449 - Algorithms and Complexity
bulletCS372 - Advanced Programming & Algorithms
bulletCS437 - Advanced Data Structures
bulletCS440 - Computer Organization and Architecture
bulletCS465 - UNIX

Teaching Schedule:

Spring 2016:

bulletSpring Semester CS210 classroom
bulletS8w1 CS440 online
bulletS8w2 CS465 online

Summer 2016:

bulletM8w1 CS449 online
bulletM8w2 CS465 online

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