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CS361 Course Description and Syllabus

1st Week Assignment 

C++ Compiler Downloads

Online C++ Tutorials/Reference Books

YouTube C++ Tutorial Videos (using Dev C++)

Classroom Handouts for Weeks 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8 

CS361 Course Description/Syllabus

Course Description for Control Structures using C++:

Guidebook:  CS 361.  CONTROL STRUCTURES (3).  Develops a precise and logical methodology for problem solving and reducing solutions to algorithmic format.  Introduces the concepts and methodologies of structured programming and design. Demonstrates the uses, abuses, and best practices of sequential, selection, iterative, recursive, and subprogram control structures. 

Topics covered include: Problem Solving, Sequence Control Structure, Selection Control Structure, Looping Control Structure, Modular Programming, Parameter Passing, and Recursion.

Recommended Pre-requisite:  CS208 - Computer Science Fundamentals


    Default Course Syllabus  (password protected) CS361 syllabus located under Computer Science

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First Week Assignment


READ the following in the 7th edition of the Malik textbook:

Chapter 1, all  


Chapter 2, all


Chapter 3, pp. 124 mid 156


Appendix E, pp. 1324 1325

bulletForum Assignments (online):  See online Content section 1.10 for additional week 1 assignments.
bulletBe prepared to ask questions on unclear areas and to respond to questions about information in the assigned reading. 
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C++ Compiler Downloads (free)


Windows 8 compliant version of (Orwell) Dev-C++ compiler:



    Download the most recent version:
        Dev-Cpp x.x.x MinGw x.x.x Setup.exe  (32-bit version)

        Dev-Cpp x.x.x TDM-GCC x64 x.x.x Setup.exe  (64-bit version)


    Installing and using Orwell Dev-C++:

    Installing Orwell Dev-C++ (.pdf)
    Using Orwell Dev-C++ (.pdf)

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Online C++ Tutorials/Reference Books

Online C++ Tutorials:

    An Introduction to the Imperative Part of C++

    C++ Tutorial For Beginners

    Cplusplus:  C++ Language Tutorial

    About C++:  Learning about C++ Programming

    Learning to Program in C++

C++ Reference Links:

    C++ Library Reference

    C/C++ Reference

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C++ Reference Books:


    1. Class Text:  

Malik, D.S. (2014). C++ Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design (7th Ed). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning; ISBN-13: 978-1285852744, ISBN-10: 1285852745.  (Order at the Regis Bookstore at Follett Online Bookstore)

    2.  Additional Good C++ Text:

Programming and Problem Solving With C++, 5th Comprehensive Edition (2009). by Nell B. Dale and Chip Weems.

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YouTube C++ Programming Tutorials

WARNING:  These tutorials do not always include the best programming practices that are emphasized in CS361.

    The New Boston: C++ Programming Tutorial - 2 - Building and Running a Basic Program

    The New Boston: C++ Programming Tutorial - 3 - Introduction to Variables

    The New Boston: C++ Programming Tutorial - 4 - Come Get Sum!

    The New Boston: C++ Programming Tutorial - 5 - Fantastic Functions

    The New Boston: C++ Tutorial - 6 - Beginning Functions

    The New Boston: C++ Programming Tutorial - 7 - Finally Creating Our Own Function!

    The New Boston: C++ Programming Tutorial - 8 - Dating Young Girls

    The New Boston: C++ Tutorial - 17 - The if Statement

    The New Boston: C++ Tutorial - 18 - The if else Statement

    The New Boston: C++ Tutorial - 19 - The if else if else Statement

    The New Boston: C++ Tutorial - 20 - Logical OR Operator

    The New Boston: C++ Tutorial - 21 - Switch Statement

    The New Boston: C++ Tutorial - 12 - For Loops

    The New Boston: C++ Tutorial - 13 - While Loop

    The New Boston: C++ Tutorial - 14 - Do While Loop       

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Classroom Handouts (MS Word Documents, unless indicated otherwise)

Week 1:

Intro to C++ (.ppt from CS208)
Week 1 Lab Program (.cpp)

Week 2:

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Week 3:

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Week 4: 

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Week 5: 

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Week 6: 

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Week 7:

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Week 8:

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