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CS372 Course Description and Syllabus

1st Night Assignment 

C++ Compiler

Online C++ Tutorials/Reference Books

Handouts for Weeks 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8

Programming Assignments (and Related Info) 



CS372 Course Description/Syllabus

Course Description for Advanced Programming and Algorithms

Guidebook:  CS 372. ADVANCED PROGRAMMING AND ALGORITHMS (3). Demonstrates methods for analyzing the efficiency of computer algorithms. Analyzes searching and sorting algorithms, including hashing, shell sort, quicksort, and mergesort. Develops advanced programming skills through enhanced program analysis and design, team programming, and design and implementation of large projects.


Topics covered include: algorithm efficiency using Big-O notation, linked lists, hash tables, stacks, and queues, searching and sorting algorithms, recursion, and team programming.

    Default Course Syllabus  (password protected) CS372 syllabus located under Computer Science


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First Night Assignment


READ the following in the Malik text. 

     Chap 1: pgs 1 middle of 8 (SW development)

     Chap 3: pgs 132 top of 155 (pointers)

     Chap 5: pgs 266 320 (linked lists)

     Chap 7, all (stacks)

     Chap 8, all (queues)

     Optional:  Chap 1: pgs 18-51 (classes)


Be prepared to ask questions on unclear areas and to respond to questions about information in the assigned reading. 

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C/C++ Compiler (free)


Windows 8 compliant version of (Orwell) Dev-C++ compiler:



    Download the most recent version:
        Dev-Cpp x.x.x MinGw x.x.x Setup.exe  (32-bit version)

        Dev-Cpp x.x.x TDM-GCC x64 x.x.x Setup.exe  (64-bit version)


    Installing and using Orwell Dev-C++:

    Installing Orwell Dev-C++ (.pdf)
    Using Orwell Dev-C++ (.pdf)

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Online C++ Tutorials/Reference Books

Online C++ Tutorials:

    Learning to Program in C++

    Cplusplus:  C++ Language Tutorial

    About C++:  C++ Programming Tutorial

    An Introduction to the Imperative Part of C++

    The Function Pointer Tutorials

Other C++ Links:

    C++ Library Reference

    C/C++ Reference

C++ Reference Books:


    1. Class Texts:  

Malik, D.S. (2010). Data Structures using C++, (2nd ed.). Boston, MA: Course Technology. ISBN-13: 978-0-324-78201-1.  (Order at Follett Online Bookstore)

    2.  Additional Good C++ Text:

Programming and Problem Solving With C++, Fifth Comprehensive Edition (2009). by Nell B. Dale and Chip Weems.

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Handouts (MS Word Documents, unless indicated otherwise)

Week 1:

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Week 2:

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Week 3:

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Week 4: 

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Week 5: 

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Week 6: 

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Week 7:

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Week 8:

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Programming Assignments and Related Information (MS Word Docs) 


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