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CS437 Web Page Contents

CS437 Course Description/First Night Info/Syllabus

Compiler Usage Information

Online C Tutorials/Reference Books

Data Structure Links


CS437 Course Description

Advanced Data Structures:

Guidebook: CS 437. ADVANCED DATA STRUCTURES (3). Presents advanced data structures used to represent complex data. Enhances programming skills via implementation of these data structures, along with algorithms that apply to each. Includes advanced uses of arrays and linked lists, as well as coverage of trees, priority queues, heaps, and graphs.



Default Regis Undergraduate Course Syllabi  (password protected) located under Computer Science 


First Night Assignment:


        Read chapter 11 in your text, before the first night of class.

Also review chap 1 6, sec 9.1 9.3, and chap 10, as needed (you will be expected to understand their contents as a result of taking the pre-requisites to this course)

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Compiler Usage Information (MS Word Docs) 

        Creating Programs using Visual C/C++ 6.0

        Creating Programs using Visual C/C++.NEt

        Creating Programs using Bloodshed Dev-C++

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Online C Tutorials/Reference Books

Online C++ Tutorials:

    Learning to Program in C++

    Cplusplus:  C++ Language Tutorial

    About C++:  C++ Programming Tutorial

Other C++ Links:

    C/C++ Reference

C++ Reference Books:


    1. Class Text:  

Nyhoff, Larry R. (2004). ADTs, Data Structures, and Problem Solving with C++, 2nd edition. Pearson Prentice Hall: 2004.  ISDN: 0-13-140909-3.        (Order at Follett Online Bookstore)

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Data Structure Links

    Binary Tree Animation (bottom of Web page)  

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