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Architecture Info (Articles/Tutorials/Reference Books)

CS440 Course Description

Computer Organization and Architecture:

Guidebook:  Introduces machine architecture through the traditional Von Neumann architectural schemes. Features traditional register-to-register transfer logic, ALU design, and BUS architectures. Examines hamming codes, disk drive performance analysis, virtual storage and cache memory, pipelining, micro-code and bit-slicing. Examines several systolic architectures and their corresponding parallel processing environments.



Default Regis Undergraduate Course Syllabi  (password protected) CS440 syllabus located under Computer Science


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Weekly Notes and Handouts

    Powerpoint Viewer (free download)

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Week 1:

    Decimal, Binary, Octal, and Hex Numbering Systems (.ppt, 197k)

    Math and Logical Binary Operations (.ppt, 136k)

    Signed and Floating Point Number Representation (.ppt, 413k)

    Booth's Algorithm (.ppt, 72k)

    Extra Practice Worksheet for Week 1 (.doc, 56k)

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Week 2:    

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Week 3:

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Week 4:

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Week 5:

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Week 6: 

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Week 7:

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Week 8:

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Classroom Homework Assignments 

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Architecture Information

Online Architecture Articles/ Tutorials:

general: Chip Geek

             WWW Computer Architecture Page

            IT World: Computer Architecture

            PC Architecture

            Programmed Intro to MIPS Assembly Language

weeks 1-3: Digital Circuit concepts

week 5: Tutorial: Pipelining

week 6: Tutorial: Memory Hierarchy (Caches)

week 7: Computer Architecture: What is a Bus?

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Required Text:

Patterson, D. A. & Hennessy, J. L. (2013). Computer Organization and Design: the Hardware /Software Interface, (5th Ed.). Morgan Kaufmann Publishers. ISBN-13: 978-0124077263, ISBN-10: 0124077269. (Order at the Regis Bookstore at Follett Online Bookstore)

Optional Reference Books:


    1.  Carter, N. (2001).  Schaum's Outline of Computer Architecture. McGraw-Hill Trade. ISBN: 007136207X.


    2.  Comer, D. (2004). Essentials of Computer Architecture. Prentice Hall. ISBN: 0131491792.


    3.  Harris, D. & Harris, S. (2012). Digital Design and Computer Architecture (2nd ed.).  Morgan Kaufmann. ISBN-10: 0123944244.


    4.  Murdocca, M. & Heuring, V. (2007). Computer Architecture and Organization: An Integrated Approach.  Wiley.  ISBN: 0471733881.


    5.  Null, L. & Lobur, J. (2014). The Essentials of Computer Organization and Architecture (4th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Publishers.  ISBN-10: 1284045617.


    6.  Stallings, W. (2015). Computer Organization and Architecture: Designing for Performance (10th ed.).  Prentice Hall.  ISBN-10: 0134101618.


    7.  Warford, J. S. Computer Systems (4th ed.). Jones and Bartlett Publishers: 2009.  ISBN: 0763771449.

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