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CS465 Web Page Contents

Classroom Information:

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Class Presentations & Handouts (by week):

Wk1    Wk2    Wk3    Wk4    Wk5    Wk6    Wk7

Online Unix Tutorials (all tutorials, or by subject):

Unix    vi    Shells/Scripting   awk/sed   RegExpressions   C programming    SysAdmin

Unix Reference Books (all books, or by subject):

Unix   Shells   vi   Scripting   awk/sed   Sys Admin

CS465 Course Description

Guidebook Description:  Explores the architecture of the UNIX operating system. Provides hands-on experience in file management, the UNIX shell, using filters, using and developing pipes, security, software development tools, text processing tools and in-depth knowledge of how these aspects are incorporated into the UNIX system. Discusses how UNIX meets its design objectives, its relative merits in comparison with other operating systems, and interoperability issues.

bullet CC&IS Undergraduate Course Syllabi  (password protected) CS465 syllabus located under Computer Science
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CS465 Syllabus/First Night Information


First Night Assignment:


Read Chapters 1 and 2 in your textbook.

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Handouts & Resources for Classroom sessions 

    Powerpoint Viewer (free download)

Week 1:    

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Week 2:

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Week 3:

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Week 4:  

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Week 5:    

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Week 6:    

NOTE:  See also awk and  make online tutorials listed below.

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Week 7:

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Week 8:

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Homework Assignments

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Online Unix Tutorials

General Unix Pages:

    History of the Internet


    YouTube:  25 years of Unix History


    UNIX Tutorial for Beginners

    Introduction to Unix

    Overview of Unix/Linux Commands


    Norman Matloff's Unix Tutorial Center


    Introduction to Linux:  A Hands On Guide


    Linux User Primer


    Introduction to Linux - A Hands On Guide (Free Online Book - pdf) 


    Bash Guide for Beginners  (Free Online Book - pdf) 

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vi Pages:


    Extremely quick and easy vi


    UC Berkeley: Intro to vi


    The vi editor


    vi cheat sheet

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Shells and shell scripting tutorials:


    KornShell Quick Reference


    Linux shell scripting tutorial


    Bourne shell scripts/programming (Ole Miss)


    Steve's Bourne/Bash shell scripting tutorial


    Bourne Shell Programming


    Shell scripting with sh/ksh (Dartmouth)


    Korn Shell (ksh) Programming


    Writing Shell Scripts


    Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide (Free Online book - pdf)

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awk/sed Tutorials:


    awk by example


    awk - a tutorial and introduction


    How to use awk - Examples


    An awk primer


    The AWK manual


    sed tutorial

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Regular Expressions:

    Regular Expressions guide

    Learning to use Regular Expressions

    Regular Expressions tutorial

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C programming Tutorials (make, etc):


    The Unix Programming Environment


    An Introduction to GCC (online manual for gcc compiler)


    Introduction to the Unix make utility


    Managing Modularity: Makefiles and Libraries

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Unix System Administration


   Introduction to Basic Unix System Administration


   Systems Administration Study Guide


   Linux Newbie Administrator Guide


   The Linux Network Administrator's Guide  (Free Online Book - pdf)


    Linux Network Administrator's Guide, 2nd Edition*.  (O'Reilly Free Online Book) 

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Unix Reference Books

General Unix Books

    1.  Abrahams, Paul W. and Larson, Bruce (Contributor). UNIX for the Impatient (2nd Edition). Addison-Wesley Publishing Company:1995. ISBN: 0201823764.


    2.  Das, Sumitabha.  Your UNIX: The Ultimate Guide (3rd ed).  McGraw-Hill: 2012. ISBN-10: 0073376205, ISBN-13: 978-0073376202.


    3.  Love, Paul, et al.  Beginning Unix (Programmer to Programmer). Wrox: 2005. ISBN-10: 0764579940. ISBN-13: 978-0764579943.


    4.  Peek, Jerry D., Todino, Grace, and Strang, John. Learning the UNIX Operating System (5th edition). O'Reilly & Associates: 2002. ISBN: 0596002610. 


    5.  Sobell, Mark G.  A Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming (3rd edition).  Prentice Hall PTR: 2012. ISBN-10: 013308504X, ISBN-13: 978-0133085044.


    6.  Taylor, Dave. Sams Teach Yourself UNIX in 24 Hours (4th Edition). Sams: 2004. ISBN-10: 0672328143. ISBN-13: 978-0672328145.


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Shell books


    1.  Robbins, Arnold and Rosenblatt, Bill.  Learning the Korn Shell (2nd edition).  O'Reilly Media: 2002.   ISBN-10: 0596001959. ISBN-13: 978-0596001957.


vi books 


    1.  Robbins, Arnold and Lamb, Linda. Learning the vi and Vim Editors (7th edition). O'Reilly & Associates: 2008. ISBN-10: 059652983X, ISBN-13: 978-0596529833.  


    2.  Robbins, Arnold. vi and Vim Editors Pocket Reference (2nd ed). O'Reilly & Associates: 2011.  ISBN-10: 1449392172, ISBN-13: 978-1449392178.


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Shell Scripting books

    1.  Foster-Johnson, Eric, Welch, John C. and Anderson, Micah.  Beginning Shell Scripting (Programmer to Programmer).  Wrox: 2005. ISBN-10: 0764583204. ISBN-13: 978-0764583209.


    2.  Kochan, Stephen.  Unix Shell Programming (3rd edition).  Sams: 2003. ISBN-10: 0672324903. ISBN-13: 978-0672324901.


    3.  Michael, Randal.  Mastering UNIX Shell Scripting: Bash, Bourne, and Korn Shell Scripting for Programmers, System Administrators, and UNIX Gurus (2nd edition).  Wiley: 2008. ISBN-10: 0470183012. ISBN-13: 978-0470183014.


    4.  Quigley, Ellie.  Unix Shells by Example (4th edition).  Prentice Hall PTR: 2004. ISBN-10: 013147572X. ISBN-13: 978-0131475724.


    5. Robbins, Arnold and Nelson, HF Beebe.  Classic Shell Scripting.  O'Reilly & Associates: 2005.   ISBN-10: 0596005954. ISBN-13: 978-0596005955.


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awk/sed books


    1.  Robbins, Arnold. Effective awk Programming (3rd Edition). O'Reilly & Associates: 2001.  ISBN-10: 0596000707. ISBN-13: 978-0596000707.


    2.  Robbins, Arnold. sed and awk Pocket Reference (2nd edition). O'Reilly & Associates: 2002.  ISBN-10: 0596003528. ISBN-13: 978-0596003524.


    3. Dougherty, Dale and Robbins, Arnold. sed & awk (2nd edition). O'Reilly & Associates: 1997. ISBN: 1565922255.


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System Administration books


    1. Frisch, AEleen.  Essential System Administration (3rd edition). O'Reilly Media: 2002. ISBN-10: 0596003439, ISBN-13: 978-0596003432.


    2. Kirch, Olaf and Dawson, Terry. Linux Network Administrator's Guide, 2nd Edition*.  O'Reilly: 2000.  ISBN: 1-56592-400-2.        *Free html edition 


    3. Nemeth, Evi and Snyder, Garth, Seebass, Scott, and Hein, Trent. Unix System Administration Handbook (4th edition). Prentice Hall: 2010.  ISBN-10: 9780131480056, ISBN-13: 978-0131480056.


    4. Sobell, Mark G. A Practical Guide to Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (7th edition).  Prentice Hall: 2014.  ISBN-10: 0133477436, ISBN-13: 978-0133477436


    5. Soyinka, Wale.  Linux Administration: A Beginner's Guide (7th edition).  McGraw-Hill Osborne Media:  2016.  ISBN-10: 0071845364, ISBN-13: 978-0071845366.


    6. Ward, Brian.  How Linux Works: What Every Superuser Should Know (2nd ed). No Starch Press: 2014.  ISBN-10: 1593275676, ISBN-13: 978-1593275679.


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