Richard (Rick) Blumenthal, Ph.D.
Professor, Chair Computer Science Department,
College of Computer & Information Sciences
Regis University, Clarke Hall, 425
Denver, CO 80221
Phone: 303-458-4304, Fax: 303-964-3624
rblument <@> regis <dot> edu

Vita (including Links to publications)

Academic Lineage (a little bit of fun)


Current Courses:
17S8W2 - CS473 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
17Spr Sem - CS310 Data Structures
Recent Courses:
Data Structures (CS31), Principles of Programming Languages (CS390), Software Engineering (CS444),
Artificial Intelligence (CS473), Computation Theory (CS475)


My research focuses on Intelligent Tutoring Systems in Ill-Defined domains.

I accept Regis students interested in pursuing research.

Case Studies

I've developed a number of UML-based software engineering case studies.

Primary Committees

Regis: Internal Review Board, Member
CC&IS: Committee on Rank, Member
     CC&IS: Faculty Council, Chair
CC&IS: Undergraduate Learning Assrance, Member